the first refrigerated organic yogurt pouches

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stonyfield. I received coupons to facilitate my shopping trip and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

There are three things my kids love and will eat anytime: yogurt, fruit, and “pouches.” There are three things I love as their mom: the ease of those pouches, healthier eating, and organic, pure food for my babies.

Stonyfield: strawberry banana organic yogurt pouches

We’ve always been Stonyfield fans

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NurturMe: organic baby food

We try our best to eat healthy and buy organic or shop local. I like making food for my kids – but I don’t always have the time or the produce and I look for healthy and easy alternatives. I recently received some sample packs from NurturMe and we’re loving them! They’re the first and only family with certified organic, dried fruit and veggie meals and snacks for infants and toddlers.

The NurturMe meals come in little pouches

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Tasty Tuesday: Banana Graham Cracker Smoothie

I haven’t posted a new recipe in a while because Ryan was sick for three weeks…yea it was pretty fun…so here we go…Our biggest problem so far has been to get Ryan to eat enough to gain wait. Since he’s been feeling better he has been eating everything in sight, but has also been having some digestive issues as a result (don’t worry, no pictures and I’ll just leave it at that!), so Steve and I have been reading a lot about probiotics as an attempt

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Raw Milk: having choices

Organic cookies :)

**CLOSED** **WINNER: #36, congrats Allie!! Winner has been emailed. Thanks to all who entered and thanks again to Home Free!**

Sometimes the organic products are hard to find at the grocery store–like they’re hidden away in the corner or behind posts or in the last place you’d think to look. I wish they weren’t because then maybe more people would buy them… I definitely think they’re better for you and your kids. We try to stay away from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) as much as possible in this house. So

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more organic yumminess: snack bars!

**CLOSED** **WINNER: #22, congrats Becca! Winner has been notified. Thanks to all who entered and thanks again to Wings of Nature!**

In our new lifestyle of eating organically, my husband and I had yet to find a good granola or snack bar. I was sent the Wings of Nature organic snack bars for review and love them. They have 3 kinds: cranberry crunch bar, almond raisin bar, and espresso coffee bar. I put those in order of my most favorite to my… lesser favorite.

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Bday Event: Organicville Foods

As most of you probably know by now, we’re made a great attempt to buy all our food organic. It was my husband’s initial doing and I jumped on board. We had the opportunity to review some products from Organicville Foods and couldn’t wait! Just in time for summer time and grilling out with friends:)

First, we got the Stone Ground Organic Mustard – YUM! It’s certified organic, vegan, gluten free,

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