Organizing Toys: how to get the kids to help

A clean house… what’s that?! We have a bajillion toys (garage sale time!) and two toddlers, which equals one massive mess. Every day. All the time. Keeping a home organized and attractive is a challenge, especially when there are children and those children have lots of toys!

Both weekly and seasonal strategies can help create order and an opportunity to spend time with children one-on-one. Here are some tips on getting the kids involved with organizing toys…

maybe a “superhero cleaning cape” helps? 😉

Weekly Strategy: Assign each child a bin or

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THROW ALL THE THINGS! (in the toy storage organizer)

Staples helped me out with the toy storage organizer and file boxes by sending them for my review.

Before you have kids it’s funny how you swear your house would never be a mess of children’s toys like those other people. You’re neat and tidy and the toys will be in the kids’ rooms or the playroom in a handy toy storage organizer… certainly not all over your family room floor. THE HORROR!

Well, neat-and-tidy people that are yet to have children… get ready for the mess of your life.

(this is

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