Ryan’s newly painted room!

Just over a week ago I posted about painting Ryan’s room and I had selected three possible paint samples to try out: Truly Olive, Red Delicious and Steel Blue. At the time, I was leaning toward truly olive, but ended up making a different decision.

I had to ask my husband’s opinion (ya know, because he lives here too) and the opinion of my brother-in-law because, after all, this is his house and we are renting from him.

So what’d we all decide on?!

OLD ROOM with unpainted/glue covered walls:

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FINALLY painting Ryan’s room

Soooo, when Ryan was like 5 months old (?) I ripped down the hideous wallpaper in his room. I had big plans for painting and decorating!

Ugly Wallpaper:

But there was all this glue residue left on the walls and it would NOT come off by any normal methods of cleaning and scraping. I bought that “diff” stuff from the paint aisle… you spray it on, let it sit for 10 minutes, then sponge it off. Sponge?! No. Not happening. Didn’t work. I had to buy a big scraper

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