Sibling Rivalry: Ryan’s adjustment to Rebecca

Oh boy. I wasn’t prepared for sibling rivalry. Sure, I had heard that older siblings may have a hard time adjusting to a new baby in the house, but I told myself Ryan would be fine. I mean, he was sooo excited about getting a sister! He’d rub my belly, say her name, talk to her, help me set up her bedroom… and he loved the idea of being “big brother.” I’d heard older kids would either revert to being a baby or would embrace the “big brother” role. I thought Ryan would be

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a family of four: updates

Oh boy, where to begin! We’ve been busy! Steve had to go back to work the Thursday after Rebecca was born and my mom came down and stayed with me those next two days. And some more the next week, too. Thanks, mom! She definitely made the adjustment from a family of 3 to a family of 4 easier (although we are still working on it lol). But it gave me time to recover and rest after that marathon labor! She helped a lot with Ryan, too, so I could cuddle up with my

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Can you prepare for the second baby?

I know that question just sounds ridiculous. From having one kid, I know that. Sure you can prepare the nursery and wash the clothes and get the diapers ready…. but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’ve been spending lots of time thinking back to Ryan’s first few days, first few months… and remembering the crazy we’re about to go through once again. I’m so used to Ryan’s one nap a day… one poopy diaper a day… him being able to talk and tell me what he needs… he’s only 2, but I feel

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my baby boy is two years old

Dear Ryan,

You’re TWO! Mama can’t even believe it, where’d my baby boy go? That picture seems like yesterday and so do all of my memories of our first two years together. It has flown by… please, please, please don’t get any bigger!

You are quite the chatterbox now! You repeat everything you hear and you say and learn something new every day. You name things that I’m not even sure where you heard the word before! And you say some super cute things too like “oopsie daisy” when you drop something

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Just say NO! to crib bumpers

I know, they’re adorable. Crib bumpers make the bedding set. They’re cute, pretty, decorative, fun, soft and comfy…. except that they’re not. They’re dangerous. Believe me, I know how much it sucks to admit that–you want to love them, you want to find the perfect set, you want your baby’s nursery to look perfect!

But at what cost?

There was an article on CNN (posted Oct 18 2011) about the new crib bumper guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics. And…

According to the AAP, there is no evidence

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Structured play for a toddler? HELP!

I need advice from other moms or people who know more about child development than I do. Should a toddler (Ryan is 2o months) have structured play and be expected to listen and follow directions? Or should he be free to explore and do as he pleases?

Here’s the deal…

We’re taking a parent-tot tumbling class at the local gymnastics academy. We went to our first session this past Friday and it goes all the way through December. The class has about 6 kids I think and they’re all around Ryan’s age. One I

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ALL your problems can be solved!

…………………….. with WHY CRY! Are you ready for this? I was out shopping and this package on the shelf with the picture of a baby caught my eye. I mean, I’m pretty familiar with every baby product possible, so what could this be?!

Originally $120?! With a recent sale price of $80… and now only $17.99?! It’s a baby crying analyzer. So NOW you will know why your baby is crying. This fancy little thing even has a temperature and humidity detector.

And when your baby

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