How has the internet changed motherhood?

If it weren’t for social media, I can tell you with 100% certainty that we would not be cloth diapering. Would I have made it breastfeeding this long? Would I have found ICAN and started my own chapter? Would I have found support after my cesarean or would I have continued feeling completely alone?

Who knows. But I do know that the internet and social media have drastically changed or assisted motherhood for me and I’m sure for many others. It’s the first place I go with a question–who better to ask than other

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Before I was a Mom…

I got an email from my mom today about being an awesome mom (aww, thanks mom!). It made me think of my life before Ryan…. before I was a mom…

…picking someone else’s nose was DISGUSTING. Now, I hunt those boogies down.

…I showered every day and took my time (ya know, 20 minutes) getting ready and putting on makeup. Now I’m lucky if I brush my hair and leave the house without food stains on my pants.

…I rocked out to my favorites all the time (Aerosmith, The Who, Phil Collins, DMB, The

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I need help with my tantrum-throwing toddler

We all know the saying “terrible twos.” And then I hear other people say there’s no such thing–apparently their kids are freaking angels. So how is it possible that I think my son (16 months) is ALREADY acting like a “terrible two?!” And it’s not new–it started maybe a month ago?

Here’s what I see:

Other kids his age out in public with their parents… the kid gets interested in something they aren’t supposed to have or they start walking away somewhere they aren’t supposed to go. The parent takes

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What’s the rule for dealing with other people’s children?

On Thursday I took Ryan to our local Discovery Center where he got to run free and play. He probably spent half his time just staring at the older kids, learning what they do–and what he should do, too.

There was a huge tractor with a short flight of stairs leading up to the driver’s seat. Ryan was “driving” and pushing buttons when two kids (brother and sister, maybe 4-5 years old?) came running up the stairs. The girl had taken toys away from her younger brother and he was chasing after her to

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Typical feelings on a Sunday night

Who am I kidding? Typical feelings every night.

I found this card at the grocery store and, too cheap to buy it for $1.50, I pulled out my phone and took a picture.

To a child, love is spelled…


My mom forwarded an email to me this morning that was about a book with the above title. The email had an excerpt from the book…. basically, this old man goes into the attic looking for something and he finds his old journal that he kept through his son’s life and he also finds his son’s childhood journal. He takes them downstairs to have a look. This is from the book:

His was leather-bound and engraved neatly with his name in gold, while his son’s was tattered and the

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Are you a paranoid parent?

**CLOSED** WINNERS: #10 (congrats Mommy C!), #12 (congrats Alanna!) and #24 (congrats Tara!) Winners have been emailed… thanks to all who entered and read and thanks again the The Paranoid Parents Guide!

What’s funny is that I’ve been planning to write about this topic… and then I got invited to take part in a book tour for The Paranoid Parents Guide… perfect timing, eh? And I feel like I’m the opposite of what I think most parents are like. I’m not paranoid (not usually, anyway) and at least compared to my

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