Goodnight Little Me: I See Me (giveaway)

I’m a total sucker for two things: anything personalized with my kids’ names and good books. I love reading to the kids and they love story time. So shops like I See Me, full of personalized goodies, are my favorite! I was sent their newest title for review, “Goodnight Little Me,” and I got it personalized for our little girl, Rebecca.

Goodnight Little Me is an adorable bedtime story book for your little one with an entire “goodnight” parade. Bedtimes can be tough, right? We try

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Rebecca’s ABCs and 123s! (personalized kids book giveaway)

When Ryan was born we received a personalized kids book from family as a gift. It used the letters in his name with fun pictures and that was the first book Ryan attached to. I swear that book was the reason he learned how to spell his name! I’m thrilled to have received a personalized kids book for Rebecca from flattenme. Last year I actually created a flattenme book for Steve! Yep, they have books for us, too! It’s called “Sir Perfect and Me” and I uploaded Steve’s face for a

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favorite books?

In just the few short years we’ve had children in this house, we have amassed an amazing amount of books. That’s a GREAT thing! And Ryan LOVES to read–piles and piles of books at a time, some books over and over in one sitting. Some he has memorized and can read to US! I’m always on the hunt for awesome books because that’s something you can really never have too many of. And they’ll be there for Rebecca next!

One company I LOVE is “I

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