a day in the life of Ryan

Oh, my big 3 year old! He’s always so full of energy (how many cups of coffee does it take me to keep up with him?) and spends all day playing. He’s getting into the imaginative stage and I love listening to his stories… sometimes I start laughing because he’s hilarious, but then he stops and says, “Don’t laugh at me!” Ooops!

We’re on a waiting list for a “preschool” that’s just one or two mornings a week… mainly because I think he needs the play and interaction! He’s never been in daycare and

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Rebecca: 9 & 10 months

Yes, I’m super behind. Rebecca turned 9 months old on the day we closed on the sale of our home, closed on the purchase of our new home, and moved into our new house… it was a big day! Followed by lots and lots and lots of unpacking… and getting ready for the holidays… Then Rebecca turned 10 months old on the day after Christmas, AKA the day before Ryan turned three years old. I tell ya, there’s no rest around here! So, I’m cutting myself some slack on missing these posts and am

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Wordless Wednesday: Christmas 2012 recap

do you hate winter?

I hate winter. When I’m in the middle of it, I hate winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s BLAH. I don’t get out of the house often enough, I miss the fresh air and sunshine, and I hate the freezing temps. When it’s winter, I’d pack up and move south in a second.


But when it’s not winter? I love it. I can’t wait for the holiday season to kick it off. I love my jeans and getting cozy in a hoodie or sweater. I love leggings and boots. I love nights in

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Ryan’s Dino-Mite Dinosaur Party!

My baby turned three at the end of December, just after Christmas. He wasn’t feeling well on his actual birthday–we just barely got him to blow out his candles and eat some cake, but he didn’t even want to open presents! The horror. His party was planned for that Saturday, but because of all the illness going around we postponed it to the following week, January 5th.

The theme? A Dino-Mite Dinosaur Celebration!!! Ryan-o-saurus is turning three!

I’ll tell ya, it’s tough having a party right after the holidays…

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my baby boy is three

As I typed that title, “my baby boy is three,” all I could imagine is how quickly the next numbers will come… “my baby boy is four” or “my baby boy is ten.” Every year seems to go by faster and every day I look at you I can tell how much bigger you are getting. It’s bittersweet… you’re at such a fun age (you know, when it’s not a difficult age, lol)… you tell the best stories, we talk all the time, you’re such a sweetheart, and you’re always making me laugh. I

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wordless wednesday: snow!

Merry Christmas!

(my parents’ backyard)