It’s a Chef! It’s a Train Conductor! It’s…. RYAN!

Ryan has just expoloded into the world of imaginative play recently. I love listening in on his conversations with his stuffed animals, hearing his stories about his cars and trains, and seeing his version of our favorite books as he “reads” to me. I discovered Aeromax and their dress up gear for kids and fell in love. I have visions of a play closet or coat rack corner for my kids and their dress up clothes and accessories…. don’t you remember those days when you

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Ladies Man: want to know the secret?

What?! It’s already time for Pick Me Up Monday?! Shutup. Where did last week go? Ohhh yes, I spent it on the couch sick, mouth breathing and coughing if I tried to laugh.

Thank goodness for these pictures to cheer me up. Share your Pick Me Up Monday post and link up below!

Awhile ago we took Ryan to Monkey Joes–a place with a bunch of bounce houses. As soon as we got there, Ryan was cornered by two lovely little women. Can you say Ladies Man?!

So what do you

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Wordless Wednesday: rolling over

Tunnel Time!

Oooo pretty!

I found a toy!

Tummy Time… almost there!

Yea I made it! I can roll over!

Addd back the other way

Monster Time! Let's kick this tunnel over!

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Help: developmental toys for a 6 month old

(I know, he’s only 5 months old, but 6 mo seemed like a better “milestone” moment for this post)…

We have lots of toys for Ryan. Our family room floor is covered with his things… he has a bouncer, an activity gym, a baby bjorn “babysitter,” a bumbo, an anywhere chair from pottery barn, a walker, a jumperoo, 2 toy chests filled with toys and books and carriers……… wow, writing all that out makes Ryan sound like one spoiled little boy!

But I feel like in the snap of my fingers he has

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Giggle Monster!

Ryan has been laughing or giggling for awhile now, but very shortly…. like, you’ll ask yourself “did he just laugh? or poop?” But yesterday I caught him in an awesome mood and I wasn’t even doing anything exciting–just lifting him off his bouncer–and he just thought it was SO FUNNY! and I thought it was SO CUTE! I had to put the camera on the desk so I could capture this (plus he’s camera shy–you’ll notice him in this video look at the camera when he finds it, haha)

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My lil man can walk!

Okay, not REALLY, but he is old enough apparently to sit in his walker!! His feet just barely touch the ground and I think he likes sitting/standing up like a big boy! He likes to go for the Elmo spinning toy too.

((You can find this awesome walker here: Sesame Street Elmo

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Daddy loves Raffi

I grew up with Raffi… I even went to his concert and sat front row when I was in SIXTH GRADE. I know, a little old… and I sure heard about it from all my friends at school. We have 3 Raffi CDs for Ryan now and I think I may enjoy singing them more than Ryan does… but know who else enjoys it?! DADDY!