a day in the life of Ryan

Oh, my big 3 year old! He’s always so full of energy (how many cups of coffee does it take me to keep up with him?) and spends all day playing. He’s getting into the imaginative stage and I love listening to his stories… sometimes I start laughing because he’s hilarious, but then he stops and says, “Don’t laugh at me!” Ooops!

We’re on a waiting list for a “preschool” that’s just one or two mornings a week… mainly because I think he needs the play and interaction! He’s never been in daycare and

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HGG: Tiny Love toys {giveaway}

I’ve talked about Tiny Love before–I love them. I could buy their entire line of products… they’re cute, they’re functional, they’re durable, and they’re FUN! My kids would agree 😉

Rebecca is lying on the lovely and wonderful Super Mat. Best thing ever. Before Rebecca was crawling, she loved to be on her belly and roll around. Then once she could sit, she wanted to play with everything! This mat was perfect, especially because we have two cats and even with

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how do you stay safe in the summer sun?

We’re pretty fair skinned in my family… okay, Steve tans a LOT better than I do, but he’s still Scandinavian, like me, so he doesn’t get too carried away. I don’t even know what the word “tan” means, I just like to go straight to “red,” if anything, because that lobster look is so hot. Right???

So it makes me worry about my babies being out in the sun! I mean, have you seen Ryan’s completely perfect skin and fair complexion?

My little cutie pie 🙂 Anyway,

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Structured play for a toddler? HELP!

I need advice from other moms or people who know more about child development than I do. Should a toddler (Ryan is 2o months) have structured play and be expected to listen and follow directions? Or should he be free to explore and do as he pleases?

Here’s the deal…

We’re taking a parent-tot tumbling class at the local gymnastics academy. We went to our first session this past Friday and it goes all the way through December. The class has about 6 kids I think and they’re all around Ryan’s age. One I

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the best place in Rockford for kids

We have the best children’s museum (the Discovery Center) and Ryan loves it there. We easily wipe out 2 hours there and Ryan is exhausted just in time for his nap when we leave–perfect 😉 This place is 2 stories and is for all ages. Ryan likes to explore all it, but of course there are areas for school-aged kids for experiments and things that he doesn’t get yet (he just likes the buttons).

Upstairs there’s a tot-spot for kids under 6 and it’s awesome. It has 2 huge water

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