Oh my, Mother Tucker!

~Product was received to facilitate this review of the Mother Tucker tank by Belly Bandit. All opinions are my own!

I have been eyeing Belly Bandit for years. I don’t think I knew about them until well after Ryan was born and since Rebecca has been born their collection has grown to include so much more–plenty of items for before, during, and after pregnancy! There’s legwear and tank tops, shapewear and maternity wear, and tops for nursing.

Have you heard about the Mother Tucker line? It’s as awesome as it sounds… “Don’t nip it

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body after baby: one month postpartum

I gained 40 lb this pregnancy. I only gained 30 when I was pregnant with Ryan, but I also started 10 lb heavier with Ryan…. so basically I was the same weight at the end of pregnancy for each child = ~147 lb.

40 weeks

So far, I’ve lost about 15 lb, putting me at ~127-128lb. Right after Rebecca was born, I was at 140 and then I dropped 10 lb easily in the next week. A couple more pounds have come off since then, but I’ve been pretty steady at

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Feelin’ Good

I get the email updates from Parents Connect and I just had to share with you what the intro to the email today said:

Look at you! Ditching the yoga pants for jeans. Showering almost every day. And finally able to touch your boobs and wipe without wincing. Next thing you know you’ll be wearing makeup, cleaning the house and having sex three times a week (OK, twice a month. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)

Hahaha, SO TRUE! I love it. Life sure is completely different, but I’m feeling good (…today.

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Baby Blues…or something like that

This post is long overdue. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. Part of me felt embarrassed to write it because for some reason I thought I shouldn’t have felt the way I did. Part of me didn’t really know exactly how I felt.

Now that I’m “normal” I can look back on Ryan’s first month and really see what I went through. It’s hard though, because it’s all a little blurry. I was depressed and that makes it hard to remember. Plus, I was on vicodin for the c-section and that made me

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Pre- and Post-Baby Brain Images

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile… I wrote a post on my Baby Brain and was told it’s called Momnesia… I love that term, it’s perfect! I seriously can’t remember anything anymore, including how to spell. Yesterday I went to get my bowl from the microwave and opened the pantry door instead. More than once I’ve tried to put cereal in the refrigerator and milk in the cupboard.

I’ve decided this is what I used my brain for before baby:

That seems pretty accurate, right? Well… this is the

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Body After Baby: 12 weeks post-cesarean

I’m going to post some comparison pictures of what I’m trying to get back to….

This was taken on Valentine’s Day in 2009… 2.5 months before I got pregnant:

And this was on St. Patty’s Day in March, 2009, at a friend’s wedding… a few weeks before I got pregnant:

Okay… I was about 116 lb pre-pregnancy. As of 12 weeks post-cesarean, I am about 123… 7 pounds to go. Not bad! The belly pouch is definitely still there and I think

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My take on EBF: exclusively breastfeeding

I always knew I was going to breastfeed Ryan, no research needed. “Breast is best,” right? Steve and I had no desire whatsoever to feed formula. (Let me put this here now: I have absolutely nothing against parents who use formula.. I don’t even bat an eye at it. Breastfeeding works for us, I realize it doesn’t work for everyone!)

After Ryan was born and I came out of my drug-induced shakes and was allowed to hold him, I breastfed. The nurse in the room to help me was TERRIBLE. She kept grabbing the

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