Life and Body After Baby: 8 weeks post-partum

Whew, time flies! First, I want to thank all my readers for sticking around through this New Mom Event. I got wayyy more sponsors than I thought I would and underestimated how long it’d take me to get through all of them (while taking care of a newborn). It seems like all I do is post reviews and giveaways now, but don’t worry… once they’re all over (SOON! promise!), I’ll be back to writing about pregnancy/baby/family, etc. And I can’t wait! So, again, thank you 🙂

Body after baby: I’m down 22 pounds I

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Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week

February 7-14th is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Awareness Week. Why is it so important to me? CHD affected a great twitter friend of mine–we were pregnant together and she lost her healthy baby at 5 days of age due to undetected CHD, just a few weeks before Ryan was born. It really hit home for me.

What is CHD? Considered the most common birth defect worldwide, it is the leading cause of birth defect related deaths. One in 100 babies are affected. There are different types of CHD and the

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Body After Baby: weight loss

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with the world, haha, but I really don’t care about my weight and know some new preggos are curious what happens post-baby.

I started at 116 lb. before getting pregnant… I gained 30 pounds, putting me at 146.

I weighed myself after coming home from the hospital… probably about one week post-partum: 140 lb. Down 6 pounds?! But the baby’s weight 7 lb 9 oz! Shouldn’t I be down AT LEAST that much?! Like I said… I really don’t care. I was just surprised–I wasn’t expecting that.

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Breastfeeding and Alcohol

Now, I’m no alchy, but I enjoy the occasional night out or glass of wine with dinner. Drinking is out during pregnancy so I wondered what the “rules” were for breastfeeding because I do plan on doing that exclusively. (I even WON a $280 Medela pump last week 😉 sorry to brag!)

Anyway, I started by asking on twitter, as usual. Apparently some believe in “pump and dump,” which I had never heard of. The idea behind this is that after drinking alcohol, you pump your breastmilk and dump it down the drain… like

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I Can’t Wait

Nope, this isn’t a sappy post about how I can’t wait to hold our baby or meet him for the first time (all that is a given, right?). This is a post about ME 😉

I can’t wait to… *bend over without pain *put on socks and shoes without sitting down *skip the 2-3 bathroom trips every night *see my belly button *wear clothes that fit *not get tired just from standing up *not get light headed or dizzy from walking across the room *properly shave my legs *drink some gooooooooood wine *sleep on

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Baby First Aid

I have spent the last 9 months learning about pregnancy and preparing for birth… only recently have I started to think about life AFTER pregnancy—and there’s a lot to learn there too!! First up… the baby’s first aid kit. Pretty important, if you ask me. We have a lot on this list already, but need a few more things… *Thermometer: preferably a digital rectal one *Nasal aspirator: the snot sucker. Check *Infant Tylenol (any non-aspirin). Check *A list of important phone numbers: pediatrician, poison control, emergency contacts, hospital *Infant CPR instructions. I am certified

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Packing the Hospital Bag

FINALLY we’ve gotten around to packing a bag for the hospital. When we pre-registered at the hospital, the nurse told us to pack one small bag that we’ll want to bring up for labor and delivery and then pack our larger “suitcase” and leave it in the car. Once the baby is born, Steve can run out to the car and bring up the suitcase for when I’m in the recovery room.

SO, give me your opinions.. what are we missing and what don’t we need?


*Laptop (mainly for

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