Want to be notified after birth? Let us know!

There are a LOT of people we’ll need to notify once baby Ryan is born and we’ve found a great way to do it.

Steve and I were recently contacted by a company called “Baby’s First Phone Call” and we’re going to try it out. Basically, once the baby is born we call an 800 number and record a personalized message (“Baby Ryan was born at so-and-so time, weighing blah blah blah… hip hip hooray!”) and then Baby’s First Phone Call will send that message out to a ton of phone numbers we entered

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Interviewing a pediatrician

I wasn’t sure what to expect and I don’t think interviewing a pediatrician is necessarily needed, but it definitely helped set our minds at ease–one less thing to worry about. Some of you other first-timers asked me to share the questions we asked and how it went and I’m happy to try to help so here we go…

First, this pediatrician was recommended by our OB. She said he was “the sweetest guy.” Also, he works in an office with a well-known and very well-loved pediatrician so we figured he had to be great

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Vaccines and Circumcision

**If you’d like to share your opinion I welcome the comments, but please do not attack us for our decisions. I’d welcome articles to read and scientific information. However, if you personally attack us and claim we must not love our baby, I will not be able to take anything else you say seriously. Thanks **


I don’t know that much about what the specific delayed vaccine schedule is, but I know I’m interested in doing it. I don’t think it is harmful to delay certain vaccines, whereas it may be

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Delayed cord cutting and cord blood donation

Ok, after posting my birth plan I received some comments that made me want to do more research (you people are adding to my to-do list, thanks very much! haha).

I don’t do well with news articles or websites with an agenda. I want unbiased information. I tried to research these issues with articles published in scientific journals (it’s the science nerd in me)–not to say that those can’t be biased too, but much less so, I think.

**With that being said, if you’d like to share your opinion I welcome the comments, but

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