Straight from the mouth of my 3 year old

I saw this awhile ago on Little BGCG’s blog, but at the time Ryan refused to answer any questions, haha. I just got him to sit down and chat with me… some of these questions he came up with an answer right away, but some of them I had to give him a big list of things and he picked one (like favorite holiday and favorite toy).

1. What is your favorite color? green and purple and blue and orange and yellow

2. What is your favorite toy? my bike


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What’s the rule for dealing with other people’s children?

On Thursday I took Ryan to our local Discovery Center where he got to run free and play. He probably spent half his time just staring at the older kids, learning what they do–and what he should do, too.

There was a huge tractor with a short flight of stairs leading up to the driver’s seat. Ryan was “driving” and pushing buttons when two kids (brother and sister, maybe 4-5 years old?) came running up the stairs. The girl had taken toys away from her younger brother and he was chasing after her to

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Random questions for you… help a mama out

There’s no real basis for this post, just some random questions that have been running through my head for awhile…. and I thought all you mama pros out there could help me out! 🙂

1. When did you start brushing your baby’s gums? Or did you wait till they had teeth?

2. How do you handle driving in the car in the hot, hot summertime? I blast the AC, but it doesn’t get THAT cool and I feel like with Ryan not only in the back seat, but facing away from the air, he

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