Children’s Books: friendship tales from the farm

When people ask me for gift ideas I always say you can never go wrong with books! Our kids love story time and I think most kids do—whether they are listening to you read, exploring colorful illustrations on their own, or learning to read themselves. We recently received a wonderful new series about “friendship tales from the farm” and Burton the Scarecrow.

Ryan (our 4yo) likes to listen to any and all stories and he likes to pick up the books on his own and practice reading the words (or making

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Curious Critters Volume Two by David FitzSimmons

Product was received to facilitate this review of Curious Critters. All opinions are my own.

A couple of years ago we received the book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons. Ryan was young and we were still reading basic board books, but this book quickly became a favorite. It was a must-read every day—or, really, like 12 times a day, haha. He was fascinated by the large and bright photographs, the interesting animals, and learning all of their names.

Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons

I was thrilled to hear that a second edition was

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Highlights For Kids: gift set giveaway

Highlights has been around for over 65 years… we all remember them as kids, right?! My husband said he didn’t and I was like WHAT?! Were you living under a ROCK?! If not at home, didn’t you see them at every dentist’s and doctor’s office?! Anyyyway, I’m so thrilled with how they’ve grown and have added amazing new products–for all ages!

Highlights for kids

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AnimaLamp portable nightlight giveaway

Do you guys remember when I posted about the Mobi GloMate? Cute nightlight and awesome toy. A little recap: it glows in different colors, it’s portable and rechargeable, lasts for ~10 hours, and it slowly dims over 15 minutes for nap/bedtime. Ryan LOVES this thing. It became the #1 toy in our house about a year ago (when Ryan was around 1.5 years old) as we used it for many, many (MANY) games of hide-and-seek. It became Ryan’s buddy even when it wasn’t charged and didn’t light up, haha.

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What are your favorite toddler books?

Ryan has a handful of favorite books…. you know, the ones your kid brings you and makes you read over and over and over again. The ones where you get to the last page and they quickly grab it and return it to the first page. Again and again.

When Ryan first started doing this, I was excited… yayyyy he loves books!!! After awhile, I was like…. really? again? Don’t get me wrong, I still love that he loves books and I love reading to him, but… I can only quack like a duck

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