Planning a Girls’ Night In: Raspberry Coconut Daiquiri

I love my kids, of course, but I love my mama time, too. I think some girls’ nights are an absolute must to save sanity! I have great groups of friends to get me out of the house once in awhile—the local moms club has a monthly “moms’ night out” and a group of friends I’ve known forever also tries to get together once a month! We usually take turns hosting and making dinner, sometimes we do something crafty, but we definitely always hang out and chat.

Planning a girls’ night in

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Iced Coconut Mocha: Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up!

Happy March! Where is the year going?! And WHAT is with all this SNOW. I’m ready for spring and I say screw winter, I’m busting out the t-shirts, sunglasses, and flip flops. And the new month means a new theme for the Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up contest! You’ve been entering every month (and every day!), right?!

What’s a side of you we don’t see everyday? Are you artsy-fartsy? A die-hard music fan? Have a killer sense of style? Love those cuffed jeans, chucks, and aviators? Rock vintage tees

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Juicer Recipe: Red Reviver

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Monk Fruit In The Raw. I received a promotional item and product sample as a thank you for participating.

We often buy Sugar In The Raw so I’m excited to try their new Monk Fruit In The Raw! It’s a wholesome, zero-calorie sweetener, made from delicious vine-ripened monk fruit native to South East Asia and it has the clean, sweet taste of sugar. You can use it as a reduced sugar and calorie option, like in this following juicer recipe (Read More…