Creating a quiet space for kids

There’s so much parenting advice out there for you to read–on every topic imaginable. As we’ve gone through the “terrible twos” and the “threenager” years with Ryan (and we’re about to with Rebecca), I feel like I’ve read it all. And you know what it all says? Every kid is different. One article will say do this and the next article will say do that. What works for one kid, won’t work for another. I’ve tried a lot of different tactics and this is one I really like and so do the kids, so

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siblings, FTW

wordless wednesday: football baby

Sibling Rivalry: Ryan’s adjustment to Rebecca

Oh boy. I wasn’t prepared for sibling rivalry. Sure, I had heard that older siblings may have a hard time adjusting to a new baby in the house, but I told myself Ryan would be fine. I mean, he was sooo excited about getting a sister! He’d rub my belly, say her name, talk to her, help me set up her bedroom… and he loved the idea of being “big brother.” I’d heard older kids would either revert to being a baby or would embrace the “big brother” role. I thought Ryan would be

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Ryan gets ready for the new baby!

My sister-in-law and her husband just had a baby girl in early November. They were home visiting over the holidays and Ryan got a lot of practice! He was so interested in her–every time she cried or made a noise he had to run over and watch, he loved holding her and feeding her a bottle and just sitting near her… it was adorable.

Steve got some practice

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