FYI: Monday night twitter party postponed

Thanks for all the support so far for our new Monday night twitter party for Shari Criso’s DVD: Simply Breastfeeding! However, we need to postpone the parties at this time!!!

NO WORRIES, we are not canceling! We’re just coming up with something BIGGER & BETTER! 🙂 It will be awesome, just wait. There will still be prizes, there will still be great convo, and there will still be Shari!

Stay tuned 🙂

Monday Twitter Party: #SimplyBF

Every Monday night (starting 8/23), I’ll be hosting a #SimplyBF twitter party. Each party corresponds with a topic from Shari Criso’s Simply Breastfeeding DVD, which is being offered for free online! So you’ll have a week to watch the specified chapter and then we’ll all be able to discuss together–like a book club! 10 DVD topics = 10 weeks of party time! Then we’ll start at the beginning again 🙂

Why? To support breastfeeding moms, encourage conversation, answer questions and have fun! Yes, there will be PRIZES! Each week we’ll have

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