Safe Sleep Tips with HALO: plus giveaway!

I’ve been a HALO fan since we had Ryan nearly 5 years ago. We used their SleepSacks for our children as a safe way to sleep and keep warm, without blankets. They’re now a regular on baby registries and as shower gifts for new parents! I’ve teamed up with HALO to bring you these safe sleep tips:

source (modified via Creative Commons license)


Place baby to sleep on his or her back at naptime and at night time. Use a crib or bassinet that meets current safety standards

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Summer Sleepovers: fun ideas for the kids!

Is anyone else constantly singing, “schooooooool’s out for SUMMER, schoooooool’s out for.EVER!” We are now a month into my 4-year-old’s summer vacation and it already feels like forever, haha. Summer is wonderful for a million reasons and I can’t wait to spend it outside and being active with my kids, but summer also comes with its own challenges, like keeping the kids entertained!

With friends and cousins, sleepovers are definitely a thing of the summer! We like to host at our house… our backyard is great for kids and we have an extra bedroom,

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Children’s Sleep: what is your routine? (Zarbee’s Coupon)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

With daylight saving time hitting us hard last week (seriously, ugh.), the entire house has had trouble sleeping and getting back on schedule. I actually think our 2-year-old handled it the best. Our 4-year-old just couldn’t get to bed “earlier” and with the time change, that meant he was staying up late and sleeping in. That first Monday? Ryan slept in until 8:20am and we had

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Sleepy’s GRAND OPENINGS in Chicago! (giveaway)

The Mattress Professionals are entering the Midwest! Sleepy’s has been around since 1957 and have over 900 stores… now including the Chicago area! Being fairly close to the windy city, I’m thrilled! They’re a privately owned, 4th generation company that was previously just in 17 states up and down the east coast. I think they’re going to love our part of the world 😉 I was invited to attend a grand opening, but was unable to make it so I’m bringing it here to my blog instead with a review & giveaway for all

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What does your child sleep with every night?

When I was in Chicago at the end of July, I attended a wonderful event (The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite) geared toward brands and products for kids. One booth I loved was Cloud B. I was already familiar with the brand as we have a few of their products in our home for our two kids. I got to see some new things coming out and enter their “Peek-A-Boo” room, which was dark and just filled with their fun nightlights. I could have taken a nap in there, lol.

Anyway, once I got

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Q&A with a sleep expert!

Not too long ago I posted about Ryan’s sleep problems and how we were working on them–with the help of sleep expert Jen Zajac (Helping Your Child Sleep). Her advice helped us almost instantly go from 1 hour a day naps to two hours a day. Heavenly!

Jen is awesome to work with and kindly offered to answer some of YOUR sleep questions. I collected some on twitter and facebook and am now reporting back to you with Jen’s kind and thoughtful answers!

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Sleeping… or a lack of

Ohhhh where do I even start.

We still co-sleep part of the night, but Ryan takes every nap in his crib and he starts out the night in there too. Usually around midnight he wakes up for the first time and that’s when I just take him into bed with me to nurse and we sleep until morning.

We went through a phase where he was restless at night (while co-sleeping) and neither of us were getting sleep. And his naps during the day? Wait, I’m sorry–his NAP (singular)

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