Sleeping… or a lack of

Ohhhh where do I even start.

We still co-sleep part of the night, but Ryan takes every nap in his crib and he starts out the night in there too. Usually around midnight he wakes up for the first time and that’s when I just take him into bed with me to nurse and we sleep until morning.

We went through a phase where he was restless at night (while co-sleeping) and neither of us were getting sleep. And his naps during the day?

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Pretty soon I’m going to have the no-sleep sillies

Maybe I already do? I love co-sleeping and wouldn’t change a thing, but sometimes it’s pretty hard. Ryan makes noises, he tosses and turns, he farts. All things wake me up.. the slightest whimper and I’m awake (but a level 4 earthquake? nope, slept right though that). And lately, if you follow me on twitter you already know, we’ve been having issues. Ryan takes naps during the day pretty well, but at night? AH! He fights sleep, he cries as soon as I walk out of the

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Nighttime Nursing & Parenting

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The hubby works second shift so he’s never home (during the week)

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We’re back to co-sleeping and lovin’ it

Apparently I forgot to knock on wood and cross my fingers and kiss my four-leaf clover. I wrote the post “It’s a miracle: swaddling” because Ryan slept most of the night after we wrapped him up in a swaddle blanket, two nights in a row!

But the 2 nights in a row after that were absolutely terrible. He was up at LEAST once an hour. Steve and I were not getting any sleep at all and we were cranky. I suggested we go back to co-sleeping and Steve reminded me that I

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It’s a miracle: swaddling

I have wonderful news! As a follow up to my post yesterday (Crib Sleeping) where I talked about how badly it was going, we tried again last night. Ryan went down at 7:30pm and from then until 9pm he was up so much that I wouldn’t even consider it sleep! Finally at 9 I got frustrated with running back and forth and decided to swaddle him. Someone suggested that in the last post and I’ve heard it before…. I never thought it’d work because Ryan loves to sleep sprawled out and kick

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Crib Sleeping

Well, we finally did it. After too many nights of restless sleep with a tossing, turning and flailing baby, we decided Ryan may be ready for his crib. On Wednesday we had Ryan take all his daytime naps in the crib and he actually did very well! When I put him down at night, he slept from 8-10pm straight through and then I fed him when he woke at 10 and he went right back to sleep (in his crib). I thought–this is awesome! Easy as taking candy from a baby!

Did you

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Sleeping Issues

Ah, another post on sleeping.

Yep, we’re having issues. The last 3 mornings in a row Ryan has been awake for the day at 5am. AND he has started tossing and turning anywhere from 1:30 to 3:00am. I say “we” co-sleep, but it’s more like “I” co-sleep. Ryan is between me and the wall and Steve is on the other side of me. So when Ryan is tossing and turning, it’s keeping ME awake. By the time it’s 5am and he deicdes to wake up for the day, I’ve about

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