C-Section: His Story, Part I – Arrogant Ignorance

**My husband asked me if he could write a series of guest posts on my blog… my c-section from HIS point of view, the point of view from the dad. So this is post #1, where he starts with the prenatal care we received and how it probably should have been a sign of things to come…**

Today I’m going to start with the background…I think that like the biggest flaw that the young suffer from is arrogant ignorance, and we were no different with our birth story. Emily had communicated with me how

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I found a Father’s Day Gift! Tees2match!

Steve’s first Father’s Day is coming up! I think that’s a pretty big deal and of course I want to get him something that involves his son… but what haven’t I already given him? I found this shop on etsy called Tees2match: where clothes make a family connection and found the PERFECT thing.

Steve has an odd sense of humor… he’s a goofy guy. He makes me laugh all the time. That’s why he’s absolutely going to love this… he’s getting a shirt that says “Old Block” and Ryan is getting

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Happy Birthday, Steve!

Quarter of a century! That’s right, the old man is 25 years young today. (yes, I’m older, I’m his suga mama… but only by a month!) I stayed home from work today so I could watch Ryan and Steve could sleep in (best present ever, right?!) I also got him lots of cool eco-friendly things, since we’re going all organic now. In the coming couple of weeks I’ll be posting reviews (and giveaways!) for these things… they aren’t all organic/natural, but most are. The others are just some fun things that

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Wordless Wednesday: like father, like son

(he’s gonna kill me for putting the one above on here, hahaha)

ABCs for Expectant Dads: review & giveaway

**CLOSED!** **WINNER: random.org #34 = Kristel! Congratulations! Winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks to Todd for sponsoring!

Author Todd Barrett Lieman was nice enough to offer me a copy of his “go-to-guide for guys” book, “ABCs for Expectant Dads: The Ultimate A-Z Resource for Dads-in-Training.” I was really excited to include it in Steve’s push present… it’s so hard to find great dad-to-be gifts!

When I got this book in the mail, I was

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Push Present for the Husband!

Back in August, Steve gave me an early push present. I get part 2 when it actually comes time to push… the mother’s love ornament engraved with our son’s name 🙂

I know pushing is a lot of work (the reason behind the push present), but I thought the husband deserved something too… for comforting preggo!

The other night I gave Steve his “push present.”

A “manly” diaper bag. No, I haven’t even bought a bag for myself! So I consider this a sacrifice, haha. It looks like a normal messenger

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Pregnancy Week 32: I’m a Waddler

8 weeks (56 days) to go!! We’re 80.3% (224 days) of the way through.

The Baby: *Baby boy is at his peak in activity–after this, he grows too large to move freely in the uterus *At this point, 80% of babies have settled in a head-down position. Most of the remaining 20% do the same over the next 6 weeks *Fingernails and toenails reach the end of his digits *Sleeps 90% of the time (my ass, he’s kicking me all the time!) *He weighs about 4 lb, 16.7 inches long! *Skeleton is turning quickly

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