Celebrate National Sunglasses Day

~Written in partnership with The Vision Council. Any opinions are my own.

Did you know June 27th is National Sunglasses Day?! I know I love MY sunglasses—they’re stylish, I use my sunglasses like a headband on the top of my head, they make it easier to see outside, and they protect my eyes! But what about my kids? Do your kids wear sunglasses? How often? Are you aware of the importance of protecting your children’s eyes?

YES, eyes can be sunburned. YES, you can get cancer of the eye (or eyelid).

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Natural Sunscreen (giveaway) with Goddess Garden

There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors. As soon as the weather was (FINALLY!) nice enough, we headed out and now spend part of each day in the sunshine. Ahhh, love that vitamin D… and it does wonders for the kids’ nap times 😉

And with that sunshine comes sunburn in this family! We’re Norwegian and Irish–awesome mix for bright white skin, haha. I don’t tan, I turn red, and I’d rather not see that happen to my kids because they have the same sensitive skin and fair complexion. Sunscreen is a must and

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Bday Event: organic skincare

Protection from the sun is important–especially for an infant’s sensitive skin. There has been quite a bit of buzz lately over the study that many sunscreens may be accelerating cancer (almost HALF of the 500 popular sunscreen products!) That’s just plain scary. It cites the reason as the inclusion of vitamin A, which is supposed to be an anti-aging ingredient. All the more reason to use all natural products, eh?!

Sunscreen on a baby is controversial… most say you can’t use ANY under 6 months of age. Ryan is

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