pregnancy symptoms: the GOOD ones

I was going through really old posts–back to my very first post ever from when we found out we were pregnant with Ryan. While I searching and reminiscing, I found a post I had written about “10 icky symptoms,” haha. Here they are:

1. Discharge 2. Gas and bloating 3. Bleeding gums 4. Constipation 5. Excessive salivation 6. Hemorrhoids 7. Itchy skin 8. Nosebleeds 9. Swollen extremities (edema) 10. Yeast infections

I’ll just say right now that I’m pretty lucky and never had most of those during either pregnancy. Honestly,

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Pregnancy Week 37: Full Term!!

It’s a huge relief to be at 37 weeks and to be considered full term! As of today (this post is really late!) I’m 263 days (94.3%) of the way though with only 17 days to do! Ahhh!!! It’s SO CLOSE I can’t even believe it.

The Baby: *Many babies have a full head of hair at birth (1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long)… I’m going to guess ours is nearly bald… some peach fuzz 😉 *He’s only adding a few ounces of fat each week from now on – so he’s basically

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Pregnancy Week 35

Alright, I’m not full-term yet, but I’ve reached the point where my doctor won’t do anything to stop labor if it happens. Of course I’d love to make it to my due date, but it takes off some pressure knowing I don’t have to catch labor right away so we can try and prevent it…. if it happens, it happens!

35 days left until our due date!! Ahh! 88% of the way through.

The Baby:

*Around 5-6 pounds, 18-20 inches in length *Most of his basic physical development is complete… he’ll spend

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Pregnancy Week 34

42 days to go… 85% of the way through! Baby will be full term in 3 weeks 🙂

The Baby:

*Brain still developing, connecting synapses and neurons *He has some surfactant in the lungs (to keep air sacs open)–if he were born now, steroids probably wouldn’t be needed to enhance the lungs *Chunky monkey! Creases and dimples are forming in his neck, elbows & knees *Weighs about 5 lb and is about 17-18″ in length

The Mom:

*Volume of my uterus is 500-1000 times larger than pre-pregnancy

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Let’s Pretend!

This was in my weekly email from and it made me laugh:

Let’s Pretend….

• At your baby shower, pretend you understand how the diaper disposal system works. • When installing your car seat, pretend your partner doesn’t seem like an extra from The Planet of the Apes. • Pretend it was the dog who farted. • Pretend that onion rings are part of the “best-baby” diet. • Pretend your prenatal vitamin is buried at the bottom of the ice cream container. I love them all! Here are my own: Let’s also pretend…

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Pregnancy Week 32: I’m a Waddler

8 weeks (56 days) to go!! We’re 80.3% (224 days) of the way through.

The Baby: *Baby boy is at his peak in activity–after this, he grows too large to move freely in the uterus *At this point, 80% of babies have settled in a head-down position. Most of the remaining 20% do the same over the next 6 weeks *Fingernails and toenails reach the end of his digits *Sleeps 90% of the time (my ass, he’s kicking me all the time!) *He weighs about 4 lb, 16.7 inches long! *Skeleton is turning quickly

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Pregnancy Week 28: Third Trimester!

Ahhhh, it’s the third trimester?! Where has all the time gone?! Everyone says “congratulations,” but…. doesn’t 3rd trimester suck the most? I’m envisioning falling asleep at my work desk, waddling like a penguin, being unable to tie my shoes (or shave my legs… poor DH!), peeing when I laugh, and being one cranky you know what.

Anyyyywayy… I have 12 weeks (84 days) left and am 70.4% through this.

The Baby:

*Lanugo hair has almost disappeared *Body is 2-3% body fat *He’s blinking, complete with eyelashes *He recognizes my voice (and DH’s!) *He has

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