Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower: all-natural mamatea!

Welcome to day 6 of the Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower! Last (but certainly not least!) before the shower and then we’ll OF COURSE share tons of photos and stories from the big event 🙂 I love this next Shower partner for so many reasons… meet mamatea!

mamatea covers all phases of becoming a mama… from trying to conceive to nursing… with safe, all-natural, and beneficial ingredients. The company was started when Kim, the founder, wanted these effective tea

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Morning Sickness Remedy

I don’t have terrible morning sickness–meaning, I haven’t ever thrown up–but I do get sick to my stomach, don’t want to eat a thing even though I’m hungry, curl up in a ball and WISH I was throwing up. Sometimes I try drinking sprite or ginger ale and that helps a little, but I recently found the BEST REMEDY EVER. (no, this post is in NO way sponsored, haha)

First, start with some Morning Wellness Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby. Fill a cup

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