The Food Chain: fun & educational activities for kids

Our 4 (almost 5) year old son is so excited to learn about everything and he really soaks it all in, making it really fun to teach him about the world right now. He’s thrilled to participate in any hands-on activity and we usually learn best by DOING, right? I try to combine different things when teaching (from realizing how I learn best and from previously being a teacher and observing my own students). We read, we draw, we listen, we watch, we do.

Today’s fun and educational lesson is on the food

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Teaching games at home or on the go (Super Duper giveaway)

Our 4-year-old, Ryan, is so eager to learn! You know those comics about the kids going, “why? well… why? but, why?” True. Ryan’s favorite thing to say, actually, is “How do you know?” Haha–he really keeps us on our toes! I’ve talked plenty of times before about Super Duper Publications, the fun learning materials for kids, because they’re aaaamazing. You know you’ll get something great for your kids there.

Teaching on-the-go is great for a couple of reasons… first, Ryan is always asking questions and wanting to learn and second, he’s

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and… GIVING TUESDAY!

~This post was written in a partnership with The Motherhood for Giving Tuesday. All opinions are my own!

With Thanksgiving only a couple of days away, I’ve been seeing the Black Friday craze all over the place. People are planning their shopping trips and tracking down the must-have deals. Maybe they’re participating in Small Business Saturday with local shops or staying home for Cyber Monday. With all this buying and “getting,” how about a time for giving? Help me spread the word about GIVING TUESDAY!

Giving Tuesday is a national movement for a

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to teach in the best way possible

I started my new job on Monday teaching 4 sections of introductory human biology at a community college (2 classes MWF, 2 classes TTh). I passed out a questionnaire and told the students they didn’t even have to write their name on it because I wasn’t grading it; it was just for my own curiosity. I wanted to know where they were coming from–how much background knowledge they had. I also included some questions like “what’s your favorite area of biology” and “what are your expectations of me, as your instructor?” I

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