Straight from the mouth of my 3 year old

I saw this awhile ago on Little BGCG’s blog, but at the time Ryan refused to answer any questions, haha. I just got him to sit down and chat with me… some of these questions he came up with an answer right away, but some of them I had to give him a big list of things and he picked one (like favorite holiday and favorite toy).

1. What is your favorite color? green and purple and blue and orange and yellow

2. What is your favorite toy? my bike


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my baby boy is three

As I typed that title, “my baby boy is three,” all I could imagine is how quickly the next numbers will come… “my baby boy is four” or “my baby boy is ten.” Every year seems to go by faster and every day I look at you I can tell how much bigger you are getting. It’s bittersweet… you’re at such a fun age (you know, when it’s not a difficult age, lol)… you tell the best stories, we talk all the time, you’re such a sweetheart, and you’re always making me laugh. I

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My big boy and his new cup

Ryan is a big boy, just ask him. Call him your little peanut and he’ll correct you with, “No, I’m a BIG peanut!” The other day I told him he couldn’t get any bigger, he had to stay my little boy and he replied, “but mom, I AM getting bigger!” He’s too smart for me.

This gets us into trouble sometimes. He thinks he’s big enough to drive the car… to walk in the street alone… to cook his mac & cheese on the stove… and to drink out of mommy’s and daddy’s nice

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Structured play for a toddler? HELP!

I need advice from other moms or people who know more about child development than I do. Should a toddler (Ryan is 2o months) have structured play and be expected to listen and follow directions? Or should he be free to explore and do as he pleases?

Here’s the deal…

We’re taking a parent-tot tumbling class at the local gymnastics academy. We went to our first session this past Friday and it goes all the way through December. The class has about 6 kids I think and they’re all around Ryan’s age. One I

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