Indoor fun for kids: with Lalaloopsy

Ohhhh, winter, how I despise you. I hate the cold and all the snow, the lack of sunshine, and being stuck inside. I have two toddlers and if I don’t keep them busy, we all lose our sanity 😉 Some days are already getting a bit chilly this fall and in preparation for the even colder days to come, I came up with a list of indoor fun for kids!

1. Pick a theme! You can make a whole day (or afternoon) of fun If your kid is into pirates, go on a

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Traveling WITHOUT Kids: a RecordablePal giveaway

Traveling WITH kids is hard. What to pack, how to keep them entertained, what stroller(s) or babywearing carriers to bring, what hotels are best, what activities to do with toddlers…. I’ve seen countless blog posts on every topic. But what about when mom or dad is traveling WITHOUT kids?

It can be very hard, too. It’s a change in routine for the kids that can be difficult to adjust to. They miss mom or dad. They’re staying with grandma and grandpa and aren’t in their own home. And maybe the hardest of all—mom

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Our upstairs playroom & the everywhere playMAT

What room in our home isn’t a playroom… right?! We’ve done our best since moving in here just over a year ago to separate the kids’ space from our space, but it doesn’t always work. Toys have a way of migrating. Everywhere.

We have an extra bedroom upstairs and when we moved in, that’s what we used it for… a full-sized bed, an empty closet, and… a room that never got used.

We decided to make it a playroom: somewhere for the kids to hang out on the 2nd story AND a way to

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Organizing Toys: how to get the kids to help

A clean house… what’s that?! We have a bajillion toys (garage sale time!) and two toddlers, which equals one massive mess. Every day. All the time. Keeping a home organized and attractive is a challenge, especially when there are children and those children have lots of toys!

Both weekly and seasonal strategies can help create order and an opportunity to spend time with children one-on-one. Here are some tips on getting the kids involved with organizing toys…

maybe a “superhero cleaning cape” helps? 😉

Weekly Strategy: Assign each child a bin or

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FROZEN and PLANES games for kids! with Wonder Forge

My kids LOVE playing games. I’m asked at least 6 times a day by my 4-year-old to play games. We have a closet full of them and while we have some favorites that get played over and over, we typically rotate through all of them! With so much game play (and sometimes playing the same game repeatedly), I hope to have fun with the games we play, too. So I’m back with more from Wonder Forge! I’ve talked about them here before, we have so many of their games…. Doc McStuffins, Sofia

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Toys for Growing Toddlers: Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber

~Product was received from Step2 to facilitate this review. All opinions, photos, and videos are of my contributor, Joanna.

These days, little E is a ball of energy. When she turned 15 months old, I felt like all she wanted to do was climb, run, and use her body in a BIG way. Unfortunately, her 15 month “birthday” came right around December. Talk about cabin fever! I knew we needed to find a way that she could use up some of that energy. That’s why I was SO excited when Emily offered the Read More…

A gift for the husband AND son!

I remember playing with these when I was a kid… I was in some “smart kid” group in elementary school and we staying in during recess time some days to build with these in the school library. Too cool, right?!

Now, it’s funny to hear the stories from my mother-in-law about how my husband used to sit in their basement for hours on end building these, too. She’d have to call him up for dinner after he had sat down there all day… making creations!

So… this gift idea was a no brainer! I’m

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