Citrus Lane: monthly subscription of the BEST toys! (giveaway)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane.

It’s so fun to watch the wonderment of a child with a new toy… as they explore it, let their imaginations run, and fall apart in giggles. But there are SO many toys and games out there, who knows what’s best?! How do we even have the time to research and find them all? Plus, kids can tire of toys so quickly–we try to rotate ours around–so what about a monthly toy service to solve these issues?

Introducing… Citrus Lane. It

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Holiday Gifts: Springfield Dolls (giveaway)

Rebecca is too cute with her baby dolls. She’s had stuffed animals, action figures, all of Ryan’s old toys, but she continuously goes for the dolls and yells, “BABY!” She’s fascinated by the eyes, loves to brush their hair, gives them hugs and kisses, and tucks them in with a blanket over and over. It’s adorable and now I’m always on the lookout for cute “BABIES!” for her.

The first Springfield collection® was introduced in 1996! The Springfield dolls and fashions are on trend with today’s fashions

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Museum Tour: the best educational toys & games (giveaway)

With the holidays right around the corner we’re all on the lookout for the coolest toys or hottest games for our kids. I want to share a new online shop I discovered becaue it is FULL of some of the best educational toys, games, and books… they’re fun, they encourage creative play, and they’re quality products inspired by a trip to the museum! You are sure to find something for all the little ones on your list at Museum Tour!

Museum Tour: the best educational toys and games

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Kids Camera Gift Idea: Playskool’s Showcam

I love taking photos, especially since having kids! I mean, everything they do is cute, right? 😉 My kids have followed my love of photo taking, probably because they see me so often with my camera. Ryan (almost 4-years-old) is always trying to take my camera to snap some shots…. but it’s an $800 camera, sooo… eek! Sometimes I let him use my iPhone camera, but that’s still not a good idea! I knew I needed to get him a great kids camera. Playskool sent us their new Showcam to review!

Playskool’s Showcam: a

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Baby Doll Gear by Joovy: The Toy Bundle!

It’s no secret that our family loves Joovy and now our friends do, too, from seeing the products in use–and mayyyybe because I talk about them quite a bit ;)–so I’m thrilled to share another of their products with you. I love love love Joovy’s Toy Bundle that was sent for our review. Best. gift. ever.

Baby Doll Gear by Joovy

The Toy Bundle from Joovy includes 3 of their baby doll gear items (that can also be bought

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My Kind of Holiday: kids gift ideas

We are in full holiday swing! Halloween decorations came down and Thanksgiving decorations went up! I’m already itching to take those down and get up the Christmas decor, even though Thanksgiving is still about 2 weeks away, haha. The rule in our house is no Christmas decor until the day after Thanksgiving! Or maybe the weekend after because…. hello, Black Friday!

We have all kinds of family traditions… ones that started in my family when I was a kid and ones that we got from my husband. It was fun to start new ones

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Mamas & Papas (giveaway)

I’ve been a fan of Mamas & Papas for quite awhile. We have and love their Baby Snug Seat (and even bought one for my sister-in-law), some of their ADORABLE little girl outfits for Rebecca, and some toys. I got the chance to see them again this year at the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas this October…. and saw their NEW Armadillo Stroller in action. You guys, it’s awesome! The fold is amazing and it pushes with so much ease.

Do you love your stroller? In a survey

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