Pregnancy Awareness Month: #NurtureMom Twitter Party

Did you know May is Pregnancy Awareness Month? They’ve been celebrating motherhood and pregnancy all month long, including some awesome twitter parties each week! I’m thrilled to be jumping on board for the final twitter party of this month for Nurture Week!

We do everything we can do protect and take care of our little ones, right? We nurture them 24/7! But do we stop often enough to nurture ourselves? After the birth of my first it took me FAR too long to realize that my

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DoubleTree by Hilton #DTourParty on Twitter 5/28!

Do you know where you’re going on your next vacation??? I LOVE to travel and if there’s one thing I’ll splurge money on, it’s that (and concert tickets lol). My husband and I set plans and travel when we can. I think next on our list for a “big” vacation is a trip to Disney for the kids in a few years! The husband and I just got home from a vacation sans kids (what a rarity!)–we were celebrating our 5 year anniversary.

Mmmm, kinda makes you want to jump in the car

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Ryan thanks twitter!

Today Ryan told me that he’d like to take a few minutes to thank Twitter. It’s true, if it weren’t for Twitter and some of the lovely people on there, things around here would be a lot different.

Sometimes I wonder if I’d still be breastfeeding. Would I be as aware about the benefits? Would I have given up when I hated it at the beginning?

I definitely wouldn’t be switching to cloth diapers. I’d be all hell no, that’s disgusting. But right now, I’m disgusted with myself for having him in disposables for

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FYI: Monday night twitter party postponed

Thanks for all the support so far for our new Monday night twitter party for Shari Criso’s DVD: Simply Breastfeeding! However, we need to postpone the parties at this time!!!

NO WORRIES, we are not canceling! We’re just coming up with something BIGGER & BETTER! 🙂 It will be awesome, just wait. There will still be prizes, there will still be great convo, and there will still be Shari!

Stay tuned 🙂

Monday Twitter Party: #SimplyBF

Every Monday night (starting 8/23), I’ll be hosting a #SimplyBF twitter party. Each party corresponds with a topic from Shari Criso’s Simply Breastfeeding DVD, which is being offered for free online! So you’ll have a week to watch the specified chapter and then we’ll all be able to discuss together–like a book club! 10 DVD topics = 10 weeks of party time! Then we’ll start at the beginning again 🙂

Why? To support breastfeeding moms, encourage conversation, answer questions and have fun! Yes, there will be PRIZES! Each week we’ll have

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