It’s better at the blue: Blue Harbor Resort, WI (coupon)

Written in partnership with US Family Guides & Blue Harbor Resort & Spa. Any opinions are my own.

Are you in the Midwest area and looking for a fun family getaway? We’re always looking for something new and exciting for the kids… we’re up for anything within a couple of hours from home. So, we’re thrilled to have found this resort and the kids can’t wait to go!

It’s Better At The Blue! Blue Harbor Resort & Spa is the #1 resort on Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan coast. With stunning beachfront and water views,

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Best Mexico Beach Destinations with Kids

Around this time last year we went on a family vacation to Cozumel. I got a lot of questions and emails about that trip… other parents who were trying to plan a beach vacation with their kids and were nervous about it. Understandable! Traveling with kids is hard. Taking them to a new town you’ve never seen can be risky–will it be a good place for children? Will they have fun? Will YOU have peace of mind?! Here are some of the best Mexico beach

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Cozumel With Kids: our family vacation

When I wrote my post yesterday about 11 years with the husband and our 5 years of wedding anniversaries, I realized I never posted about our family vacation to Cozumel! I only posted the beautiful sandy beaches. This post was saved in my drafts with only 2 photos… I think I took SO many photos on the trip I was overwhelmed! So here we go… 5 months later! I had a lot of people

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family vacation in the northwoods

Ahh, our first vacation as a family of four! And we opted for the 6 hour car ride… eek! We were a bit nervous about that part, but the driving actually went really well. We stopped only once each way–to nurse Rebecca and stretch–and the kids did amazingly well.

Thankfully we got to test out a Kia Sorento for the trip–we NEVER would have made it with all our stuff in one of our cars. More on the Sorento later 😉

We stayed in a 3-bedroom cabin on Little St.

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Win a trip to Disney!

Steve and I have been considering our next vacation… will it be to a beach, maybe just the two of us, or will it be a family vacation at Disney? Ryan has recently learned about Mickey Mouse and the whole gang and I know he’d be sooo excited to see them all. I’ve been to Disney a few times, but not in YEARS! Or… do we wait a few years until Rebecca can enjoy it, too?! Or go now and later? 😉 I vote for both!

Photo by mrkathika via

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just enjoying the view

When I was younger, my family would go on vacation to the same place every fall–St. Germain, WI. It’s the “northwoods” and it’s beautiful in the fall. When my brother and I got older, we moved away to school and the trips died out….

We’re starting the tradition again now that we’re all out of school and we have kids of our own. We came up last year and now we’re back again… this entire week I’m out of touch. I’m enjoying quality time

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a cabin on the lake in the woods

At the end of Sept/early October, Ryan and I went up north to Wisconsin with my parents. It’s a 5-hour drive straight north on Little St. Germain Lake. I haven’t been there in years, but used to go all the time when I was little–it was our annual fishing trip–so I was really excited to get to take Ryan at the perfect time for the beautiful fall colors.

He liked to watch Grandpa fish off

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