Rebecca’s birth day: Throwback Thursday

I got the idea for Throwback Thursday from the blog over at YesVideo… fun to look back on favorite memories! In honor of Rebecca’s first birthday this week, I’m reminiscent of the day she was born.

The day I first sang “Happy Birthday” to her, when I first got to hold her in my arms and look into her big blue eyes. The day my life changed and the day we welcomed a daughter into our family. The day Ryan became a big brother and daddy earned a princess. And the

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Top 5 reasons for hiring a doula at a homebirth

Some women don’t know what a doula is (no worries, my computer is also trying to auto-correct the word like it doesn’t exist)… some know, but don’t want one for their birth… and some think doulas are only beneficial in a hospital setting.

We didn’t hire a doula for our first birth. It was in a hospital and while we knew what a doula was, we just didn’t think we’d NEED one. I knew what I wanted–a natural birth–and I had my husband by my side. I mean, come on, we read The Bradley

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Our homebirth VBAC story

I’d been having “prodromal” labor for a couple weeks. I hate to call it that, but they were stronger than my normal braxton-hicks that I’d been having for months and they were consistently 1-1.5 minutes in length and 5-minutes apart for hours at a time. There were three specific times that I surely thought I was in labor! But every time, the contractions died down and stopped… usually after a sleepless night. I was frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. Contractions are hard work! And I wasn’t used to daily workouts, haha.

I remember waking up

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Our birth story… on hold

Hi everyone! Most of you know that baby Rebecca has arrived (YAY!) and we are all healthy and safe and happy. I appreciate all the love, well wishes, and support over the past few days–it really means a lot.

I wish so very much that I could share more with you. If you’ve been following this online the past few days, you know what’s been going on.

Our lawyer and organizations have advised us to remove current posts about the birth and baby and to not post new information at this time…. the reason

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happy due date to me! pregnancy: week 40


Well, it appears that automatically moves you over from the weekly pregnancy information to the newborn information when you hit your due date. Ummm… still pregnant over here, thankyouverymuch.

Ya know, I hated saying what my due date was. When people asked, I always said “mid-February.” Why? Because due dates are stupid. They’re guesses. Less than 10% of women actually give birth on their due date and the date can be off by about 2 weeks in either direction.

And now that

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Pregnancy week 39: birth day poll!

*1?! week to go! take the poll below!*

^coolest picture ever. (from the visual md)

Same old stuff, different day. Not much exciting going on at this point, she’s just gaining more weight and getting more cramped. She’s probably somewhere around 7 pounds and about 20 inches long. A mini watermelon. I’m walking around with a watermelon.

Did you know that late-term ultrasounds are notoriously terrible at guessing the size of your baby? They can be off by ~2 pounds in either direction…. so if your doc

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Pregnancy week 38: labor watch

*2 weeks to go!*

This baby girl is making fists and my bladder is the punching bag. Oh, and my diaphragm. My ribs. My stomach. Pretty much everything.

She’s about 6.5 lbs and 19.5 inches long.

She’s still head down, but she has rotated. Remember I said she was on the left of my body and she needed to be on the right side, optimally? She tried. When I saw our midwife last Wednesday, baby girl wasn’t quite to the left side, leaving

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