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You guys. I don’t have any babies in this house anymore (sob sob), but I might as well with Rebecca’s sleeping habits. Our oldest, Ryan, was so easy that I feel like we’re basically starting over with Rebecca! He went into a big boy bed before age 2 and never got out when he wasn’t supposed to.

Rebecca is 2. She’s still in her crib, which she can climb out of, and she does at every opportunity—meaning, the instant we leave her bedroom. When she turns 3 soon, we are moving her into a

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blue eyes, you are all that I need (Levana video baby monitor giveaway)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

Cause Blue Eyes You are all that I need Cause Blue Eyes You’re the sweet to my mean…

Lyrics from a song by the Cary Brothers that I always sing to my two blue-eyed babies 🙂 There is nothing sweeter than watching a baby sleep. No matter how rough the day has been or how tired and stressed you are… it melts away when you see your babies resting so peacefully.

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what’s better than watching a baby sleep?

When Ryan was a baby we never got a video monitor, even though I reallllllllly wanted one. We had a regular baby monitor and the video ones were just too expensive for us at the time. All those times I wished I could see what Ryan was doing–especially when I’d wake up after a 5-hour stretch and panic that something must be wrong.

Finally, with Rebecca, we got the opportunity to use a video monitor and I adore it! There’s seriously nothing better than watching a sleeping babe and I can seriously sit and

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