Pregnancy: week 19

**yea, yea, I’m way late on this post… kinda like I was last week too, eh? I did write it at 19 weeks (this past weekend), but just took the belly pics today**

The crazy-fast growth of this little GIRL 😉 has pretty much stopped at this point… so from here on out, we’re basically just fattening up and growing in size. Right now she’s about 6 inches from head to bottom and weighs about 8.5 ounces.

Hair on her scalp is starting to grow! Well…. we hope. Ryan was a pretty

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53% of you thought it was a boy…


From the beginning I thought it was a boy… but I did question myself a few times, including a post about why I thought it was a girl! Steve and I had the appointment this morning and because it was our first ultrasound, we went through every body part and took measurements. Quite exciting! The baby boy was a mover and the nurse kept saying, “this is a difficult one!” Haha. Great!

The measurements gave the same due

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Week 19: Half way to full term!

Week 38 of pregnancy is considered “full term.” I’m hoping to make it more toward week 40, but…. this week 19 today marks the half way point to a full term baby! Steve and I freaked out about that a little bit last night. We were thinking about all we need to do before this baby is here and how fast this first half has flown by!!! December is going to be here in no time! Ahhhhhhh. (but “ahhh” in a good way 🙂 )

The Baby: *This poor baby looks so cramped and

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