Pregnancy: week 20 – we’re HALF WAY!


Well that just seems perfect for this lovely Fall weather! A butternut squash or, ya know, a banana.. a carrot… take your pick. When I first saw how big the baby is now, I thought she turned into a giant in the past week. But it turns out we’re now measuring from head to TOE instead of from head to bottom like we have been. Adding in those legs adds quite a bit of length 🙂 So she’s about 10 inches long.

She’s starting to produce meconium–the gooey substance that

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Florida and other news

I learned right before my trip to Florida that pregnant women burn faster/easier… who knew?! I was so paranoid about burning while I was there, I tried to sit in the shade and put on sunscreen constantly. Needless to say, I didn’t come back with much color–especially on my back side, being that I can’t lay on my stomach!! Haha.

But it was a great trip.. the ocean was wonderful, the waves were huge and the resort was relaxing. We spent a day at the Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall–largest in the country! We were

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Week 20!

Oh my goodness…. 5 months… and 50% of the way through this pregnancy!! Unbelievable. Sorry my post is a few days late… you lose track on time when you’re on the beach 😉

The Baby: *He’s producing meconium now–the black, sticky by-product of digestion that will appear (most likely) in his diaper after birth. Some babies pass it in the womb or during delivery though. *He is covering his ears with his hands in response to loud sounds or getting excited/relaxed to different voices and types of music.. I’ll need to experiment with this

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