Pregnancy week 30: feeling anxious & crazy

**ooops, this was saved in my drafts over the weekend and I just realized it never published! so… a few days late…

Our baby girl is 15-16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. She’s getting pretty close to how long she’ll be at birth (somewhere around 20 inches), so she’ll spend the next ~10 weeks mainly packing on some pounds!

She is moving a TON. She’s starting to get up in my rib cage, but at the same time is reallllly low… and punching both sides of my belly, at the

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Doctor appointment: ultrasound news!

Yesterday morning I had my week 30 doctor appointment…

Weight: 138.4 — that’s up 6 pounds from 3 weeks ago. Yep, I like to go above and beyond. When they say gain 1 lb a week, I obviously go for 2. That makes a total weight gain so far of about 22 pounds.

Blood pressure: 110/70. Normal, but I thought it was high because at my last appt it was 92/52! The nurse said it was probably high because she had just told me I needed to have an internal exam (ha).

Urinalysis: all

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Hospital birthing class #2

Ok. This class was better than the first session, but was still just a 2-hour power point lecture.

Hubby got printed notes from the nurse and took notes, haha… but I believe it was only to keep from falling asleep.

OH what was annoying was that the computer stopped working near the end and the nurse said “oh well, we were basically done anyway.” Well, having the printed notes, we could see what we were missing and it was the stuff I most wanted to go over = labor positions, breathing and relaxation techniques,

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Pregnancy Week 30

Only 10 more weeks to go (70 days), wow that sounds so short. We’re 210 days (75.4% of the way through)!

The Baby: *His testicles have probably descended into the scrotum *The fine hair coating (“lanugo”) starts to disappear *Survival rate = 95%. Of those, 25% have serious complications. I like those odds, but please, lil boy, stay in there for 10 more weeks! *About 15.7 inches in length, weighing about 3 lb (like a head of cabbage) *1.5 pints of amniotic fluid surrounds him, but as he takes up more space that will

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