Pregnancy: week 34

*6 weeks left!*

She’s just under 5 pounds (think: cantaloupe!) and is about 18 inches long from head to toe. She’s pretty much a BABY now and would do pretty well outside the womb at this point. But her nervous system and her lungs are continuing to develop so it’s best she stays put for the next 6 weeks!

GREAT NEWS! This baby girl is HEAD DOWN! My midwife confirmed it at my appointment last Tuesday and she showed me how to feel the head… so cool. I

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Wordless Wednesday: Talent.

Wordless Wednesday: nursery furniture!

DH and his friend setting up the crib! Yes, they match (aww) 😉

DH working hard!

Done!! Minus a mattress and bedding 😉

Starting on the dresser–so many pieces!

Done! Good job!

DH relaxing with Oscar and a beer after a job well done!


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Doctor appointment: 2nd Non-Stress Test

Alright, I called the doctor’s office today just to talk to a nurse and update them on my contractions and ask if it was all normal and ok. I said that I had consistent ones over the weekend (every 4-5 minutes), but once I rested they seemed to quiet down. And that on Monday I was having random contractions all day long. Well… the only thing she said was, “let’s get you an appointment.” Which was frustrating to me because I didn’t think it was necessary. And it turns out she

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To Do List

I’ll admit, I’m a list maker. I add things I’ve already done just so I can cross them off. I bet hubby enjoys my lists too 😉 Anyway, with a baby on the way, possibly sooner than expected, I can’t get these things off my mind and the best thing to do in that situation is write them down!! The ones in bold are priorities…

*install car seat

*set up crib and dresser (Sat, Nov 7)

*decorate nursery – worked on it Sun, Nov 8 (put everything away in dresser/closet)

*wash baby clothes

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Update on contractions: doctor appointment

OK… you saw my placental drama and then my consistent contractions that sent me to the hospital for 6 hours on Monday. I saw the doctor on Thursday… a NEW doctor.

After the nurse took my blood pressure and all, she had me undress from the waist down and said, “he will be with you shortly.” Yes, HE. I thought all doctors in my clinic were female. I have gone my entire adult life avoiding male OB doctors (no offense to any out there! My mom swears by them!) I

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Pregnancy Week 34

42 days to go… 85% of the way through! Baby will be full term in 3 weeks 🙂

The Baby:

*Brain still developing, connecting synapses and neurons *He has some surfactant in the lungs (to keep air sacs open)–if he were born now, steroids probably wouldn’t be needed to enhance the lungs *Chunky monkey! Creases and dimples are forming in his neck, elbows & knees *Weighs about 5 lb and is about 17-18″ in length

The Mom:

*Volume of my uterus is 500-1000 times larger than pre-pregnancy

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