Pregnancy week 36: home visit with the midwife

**4 weeks to go! Well, 3.5… because this post is a little late ;)**

She’s somewhere around 18.5 inches long and 6 pounds. At my appointment today, my midwife guessed she was 5.5-6 lbs. And YAY we’ve reached the point that I could still have a homebirth if I went into labor now (ya know, assuming all signs are fine)…. because most babies born now do very well. But we still want her to keep cooking–have those lungs mature a bit more!

She’s getting pretty cramped. Usually your uterus fundus

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Dr appt and randoms..

This was written on Wed Nov 25th but I’ve been unable to properly load my blog since then, ugh!! So I’m posting this from the wordpress app on my iPhone…

My OB was out at an emergency c-section so we saw the midwife today–who we LOVE, but our insurance only covers delivery by an OB. In and out…

Weight: 144.4, up about 1 pound

Blood pressure: 127/70 highest yet (usually 105/60 ish), but I had a stressful morning (at the funeral home) and I’m going to blame it on that

Baby’s heart rate: 136

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Doctor Appointment: group B strep

My week 36 doctor appointment was on Friday. I met with the 3rd and final doctor at the office… figuring I’ll get whichever one is on call during labor so I should at least meet each one! Again, I LOVED her. She was really nice, explained things and didn’t make me feel rushed.

But this coming week I go back to seeing my original OB because she’s who I’m “assigned” to. I know I could request a change, but at this point I don’t even care. I’m 36 weeks, baby could come at any

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Pregnancy Week 36

28 days to go!!! We’re 91% of the way through and next week the baby will be considered FULL TERM! whoohoo! way to hang in there lil guy 🙂

The Baby:

*Packing on the pounds: baby is gaining about an ounce a day *He’s shedding the downy hair and the waxy covering *The baby swallowing those things causes the meconium (1st bowel movement) *Baby may move less as he runs out of room–he still moves a ton so I hope that means he’s nice and small 🙂 *About 18.5 inches long, weighing

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