Getting ready for the baby!

One week? Two weeks? THREE weeks?! Who the crap knows. Tomorrow?!?! The suspense is killing me! And ya know what’s really weird? I wasn’t nearly this anxious when I was pregnant with Ryan. I went 9 days late and didn’t even bat an eyelash… I was so laid back and “eh, whatever” about it. This time? At every contraction (which is nearly every 10 minutes lol), I’m all “IS THIS IT?!”

After the 3-4 hours of consistent contractions on Sunday night and their sudden disappearance, I was pretty disappointed. And exhausted. I napped a

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our due date is in the forecast!

Totally nerdy, I know, but I’m excited to finally be able to see our due date on the 10-day weather forecast, haha.

Pregnancy week 38: labor watch

*2 weeks to go!*

This baby girl is making fists and my bladder is the punching bag. Oh, and my diaphragm. My ribs. My stomach. Pretty much everything.

She’s about 6.5 lbs and 19.5 inches long.

She’s still head down, but she has rotated. Remember I said she was on the left of my body and she needed to be on the right side, optimally? She tried. When I saw our midwife last Wednesday, baby girl wasn’t quite to the left side, leaving

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38 week doctor appointment

These doctor appointments are getting boring – in and out! This one was on Thursday, Dec. 10th–one day from being 39 weeks.

Weight: 146.4 Blood pressure: 116/72 Fetal heart rate: 145 Fundal height: 37 (was 34 last week….. hmm)

She made sure he was in head down position and then guessed he’ll be in the low 7 pound weight range. Lil boy! 🙂

She’s hoping I won’t have to come in next week and that I go into labor by then instead, but if not… they’ll do an internal check next

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Pregnancy Week 38

2 weeks to go?! Man alive (yea, I pulled that phrase out from the early 90s). We are 266 days through (95%!) with only 14 more to go (as of this past Friday).

The Baby: *Weighs from 6 to 7.5 pounds *19.5 to 21 inches in length *He has a firm grasp and his organs are ready for the outside world! *He has probably reached his birth weight (boys are usually longer and heavier than girls–wonderful!) *Neurons are still connecting in the brain, but this continues well after birth *Movements are quite restricted now–I

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Waiting for labor… 30 things to do

I’ve been ready for this for a month (when we had the early labor scare). Now that I’m just 2 weeks from my due date (and not dilated AT ALL), I’m starting to go crazy. Yesterday I had a hard day–feeling exhausted, depressed (for no reason), and although I have a huge to-do list in my mind, I couldn’t manage to get off my butt and do anything (which made me even more upset). I feel like I have 2 weeks of “life” left and I can’t waste a day! So here’s a list

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