what will our baby girl look like?

Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t done this already! I made one of these images for Ryan when I was like 2 months pregnant, lol. It just popped into my head yesterday so I finally found a website (morphthing.com), uploaded pictures of me and Steve, and waited 20 minutes for my “Morph Thing,” also known as our baby girl!

First, a trip down memory lane… here’s the image that was created for Ryan over two years ago. I did it before I even knew if we were having a boy or a

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happy due date to me! pregnancy: week 40

from thevisualmd.com

Well, it appears that babycenter.com automatically moves you over from the weekly pregnancy information to the newborn information when you hit your due date. Ummm… still pregnant over here, thankyouverymuch.

Ya know, I hated saying what my due date was. When people asked, I always said “mid-February.” Why? Because due dates are stupid. They’re guesses. Less than 10% of women actually give birth on their due date and the date can be off by about 2 weeks in either direction.

And now that

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Inducing a late baby and my doctor's thoughts

Due date has come and gone. We went to the doctor on Monday (40+3 weeks) to make sure all was still okay and to see what was going on.

Weight: 146.6 Blood pressure: 112/62

Non-Stress Test: I was having contractions so the nurse kept saying it must be time, but I told her that I’d been having those contractions for almost 2 months. Nothing exciting! My OB came in to check and said “hmm, how far along are you?” – UH, 40 weeks, I just saw you 4 days ago! Baby’s heart rate was

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Pregnancy Week 40: fully cooked.

Well…. we’ve reached the due date. We are 100% (280 days; 40 weeks; 10 months) through.

The Baby:


*Average newborns are about 20 inches long and weigh about 7.5 pounds (a small pumpkin!) *Only about 3-5% of babies are born exactly on their due dates *Arrival anytime in the next 2 WEEKS in considered normal *His growth is slowing dramatically *Amniotic fluid around him is starting to diminish and get cloudier as he sheds vernix from his skin

*I put up this picture because it shows effacement and dilation. My OB said I’m

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