Tubby Tuesdays: week 2

I’ve changed my McFatty Mondays to Tubby Tuesdays because it was brought to my attention that another blogger uses that phrase and I didn’t want to take credit!

Well… I didn’t meet my goals last week. I wanted to go on walks with Ryan, but it rained almost every day and when it wasn’t raining, I brought him over to my mom’s to go swimming.

Here’s my other “excuse:” I now work longer hours Mondays and Tuesdays. So by the time I get home, I have a million other things

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Body After Baby: 12 weeks post-cesarean

I’m going to post some comparison pictures of what I’m trying to get back to….

This was taken on Valentine’s Day in 2009… 2.5 months before I got pregnant:

And this was on St. Patty’s Day in March, 2009, at a friend’s wedding… a few weeks before I got pregnant:

Okay… I was about 116 lb pre-pregnancy. As of 12 weeks post-cesarean, I am about 123… 7 pounds to go. Not bad! The belly pouch is definitely still there and I think

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Life and Body After Baby: 8 weeks post-partum

Whew, time flies! First, I want to thank all my readers for sticking around through this New Mom Event. I got wayyy more sponsors than I thought I would and underestimated how long it’d take me to get through all of them (while taking care of a newborn). It seems like all I do is post reviews and giveaways now, but don’t worry… once they’re all over (SOON! promise!), I’ll be back to writing about pregnancy/baby/family, etc. And I can’t wait! So, again, thank you 🙂

Body after baby: I’m down 22 pounds I

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Body After Baby: weight loss

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with the world, haha, but I really don’t care about my weight and know some new preggos are curious what happens post-baby.

I started at 116 lb. before getting pregnant… I gained 30 pounds, putting me at 146.

I weighed myself after coming home from the hospital… probably about one week post-partum: 140 lb. Down 6 pounds?! But the baby’s weight 7 lb 9 oz! Shouldn’t I be down AT LEAST that much?! Like I said… I really don’t care. I was just surprised–I wasn’t expecting that.

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Doctor Appointment: last one?

I went to the doctor this morning… I’m one day away from my due date!

Weight: 148. I now weigh more than Steve’s little (20yr old) brother, haha. Total weight gain of 32 pounds.

Blood pressure: 110/62

Fundal height: 35—he’s moving down, she said

Baby’s heart rate: I have no idea what she said. She heard it mid-belly and was worried that meant he was breech (same thing happened last week). I was too focused on that and the fact that she said if he IS breech, I’d be having a c-section tomorrow.

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Pregnancy Week 37: Full Term!!

It’s a huge relief to be at 37 weeks and to be considered full term! As of today (this post is really late!) I’m 263 days (94.3%) of the way though with only 17 days to do! Ahhh!!! It’s SO CLOSE I can’t even believe it.

The Baby: *Many babies have a full head of hair at birth (1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long)… I’m going to guess ours is nearly bald… some peach fuzz 😉 *He’s only adding a few ounces of fat each week from now on – so he’s basically

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Pregnancy Week 33

I just got an email with information about week 34 and realized I never wrote the week 33 update! Too focused on moving… and this baby stuff 😉 So here we go.. I’ll try to keep it on my thoughts from last week only:

We’re 49 days (7 weeks) from our due date… 84% (231 days) of the way through!

The Baby: *Bones in skull are not fused, allowing overlap and movement for fitting through the birth canal *Measures about 17 inches long *Weighs about 5 pounds *He may descend into my pelvis at

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