Lake County Sauvignon Blanc review

The 2007 Robledo Lake County Sauvignon Blanc is courtesy of founder Reyndaldo Robledo, who is the first migrant worker in U.S. history to start his own vineyard and can be ordered from the California Wine Club Store. The wines are prepared with the same dreams, hard work and family pride that helped the Robledos achieve the American dream. The Robledo family vinyard encompasses over 300 acres and they have two separate tasting rooms in Lake County, CA.

The Sauvignon Blanc is a double gold medal winner. Here is the description: “This pale yellow wine is clear and bright, ready to wow you with zesty aromas of tropical fruits and green apple. Its fruit flavors are intense, highlighted by green tea and citrus notes. This mouth-coating wine ends with a crisp, but ripe finish.” We did a little research (aka “googled wine pairing sauvignon blanc”) and decided that the best food to pair this wine with would be some chicken and noodles, with lots of garlic and basil seasonings. Once the food was all cooked we were eager to try the wine!

When Steve and I tried the wine we decided to try to name some of the flavors we were tasting (before we actually read the wine profile). We were amazed that we actually came up with green apple, green tea and citrus flavors, because according to the wine profile that’s what we were actually supposed to be tasting, lol! Okay, Steve came up with the green tea… he’s better at this than I am, but hey – I also paired my wine with oreo ice cream 😉 YUM!

We have never been able to really taste the flavors that are written in fancy shmancy lettering on fancy shmancy looking bottles at the store, so we were amazed at the quality of the flavors in the 2007 Robledo Lake County Sauvignon Blanc. That’s why clubs like the California Wine Club are so helpful. It doesn’t cost anything to belong, you don’t have to try to pick through the HUGE selections of fancy looking bottles at the grocery or liquor store and it’s like having a wine expert friend who always has a great selection of wines in stock!

The wine came shipped very nicely in a protective styrofoam case and box and it also came with a newsletter–“Uncorked.” Who doesn’t love a little reading material while they sit down for a yummy glass of wine?! And it’s way better than a “newsletter”–it’s like a full-color magazine. It’s filled with information about the winery, a recipe that looks delicious, an “in our email bag” section, places to dine in Napa, fun facts, and an “ask the winemaker” section! The whole thing is such a nice package, it’d be a great gift or a really fun surprise to get yourself in the mail every month!

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