happy 8 months, baby girl

8 months old

Dear Rebecca,

You’re getting so big! Well, actually, you’ve lost weight, haha, but you’re doing so much! You’ve lost one pound since your 6-month doctor appointment–you’re just moving around so much, crawling all over and getting into everything! And it all goes straight into your mouth, lol.

You try so hard to stand. You crawl over to anything you can find, put your hands on it, and try to push up on your feet. Sometimes you start huffing and puffing; it’s pretty funny. You’ve been pretty close a few times–making mommy nervous! Because I know what comes after standing…. eek!

8 months old

You like to smile at people, but your favorite new thing to do is wave! And you wave like the queen, twisting your wrist around, haha. Princess ;P

Just like your mama (and your grammy), you’re a little giggler! It’s pretty easy to make you laugh, but you’re especially giggly when you’re super tired. What kind of baby laughs instead of cries when they’re sleepy?! Love you, crazy girl!

8 months

There hasn’t been too much more new stuff in the past month. You took your second trip in an airplane to Kentucky with me. Quick flights and you never made a peep, you were great! And the flight home was the worst one I’ve ever been on–flying through a storm and the plane was rocking and tilting all over the place…. you? slept through the entire thing!Oh, you have 3 teeth now! Two on the bottom and one new one coming through on the top. I’m going to try some more food soon, but so far you haven’t been interested in eating anything. Still just mama’s milk!

8 months old
You’re sick right now with a runny nose and terribly congested cough, but you’re still a pretty happy little girl! It’s thrown a wrench in our plans to have you sleep in your crib and I’ve been putting you in bed next to me at night.

You are wearing size 12 month clothes, although you do still fit in some 9 month if it doesn’t snap between the legs… still size 2 shoes… still blue eyes 🙂 and still little miss independent!

We love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times,
<3 mama and dada

8 months old

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