Preemie clothes fit for the NICU

Preemies are unexpected gifts and though they are a special kind of blessing, parents are often not prepared for their clothing needs. Sometimes the baby arrives before the shower and other times, parents-to-be may have been been very well prepared for a full term baby and now find themselves with nothing small enough to fit the newest addition to the family! Combine that with trying to find preemie clothes that are tube and wire friendly for the NICU, and you’ve got a tough job ahead of you. Both of my babies were late so I haven’t personally experienced this, but I have a few friends that have been in this situation with their little ones.

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That’s where Tamiko preemie clothes come in! They’re NICU friendly with openings in all of the right places for any medical equipment your tiny addition to the family might need to have attached. NICU staff approves of Tamiko preemie clothes because they can do their jobs with little disturbance to the baby. They can be fully opened in the front so babies are easy to dress and change and the clothing doesn’t interfere with the equipment.

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Sizes run from micro preemie (about a pound) to newborn (7.5lbs.) They’re made of 100% cotton, hand-picked for softness, and the soft seams won’t irritate the baby’s skin either.  Hang tags are even threaded through a soft loop in the neckline with satin thread, so they don’t leave any holes behind.

There are several color and style options available, too: long and short sleeved onesies, dresses, skirts, hats, rompers, and even leggings. Color choices include sandshell, blue, striped green and violet, and an adorable lion print. The clothes are washable in hot water and won’t fade. Your baby will be cozy, comfortable, and well-dressed for pictures at the same time!

Even if you don’t have a preemie yourself, but want to help someone who does, you can order the clothes gift wrapped and enclose a personal message.  This company has truly thought of everything!

Tamiko preemie clothes can be found in the Tamiko shop or on

preemie clothes

There is no better feeling for a parent than to know that they are doing everything they possibly can for their newborn, especially a preemie.  Thanks to Tamiko, parents of preemies everywhere will have one less thing to worry about! Check out their clothes for premature babies!

~This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Tamiko for their preemie clothes. All opinions are my own.


5 comments to Preemie clothes fit for the NICU

  • Sonja A.

    When our daughter was born, we couldn’t find much preemie clothing, so we went to “Build-A-Bear” and bought the Christening Gown & Cheerleader outfit. It’s crazy that she fit in those, but the pictures say 1,000 words! 🙂 We kept both of those outfits for her! She only wore them about 2-3 weeks, but every time, we got a lot of questions, lol.


    Emily Dickey Reply:

    omgosh, too cute! Never would have thought of using clothes from Build A Bear, ha!


  • Jennifer Young

    Oh my, those are adorable! It is really hard to find preemie clothes! When my nephew was born early I was running around trying to find clothes for him because nothing else fit. I love these!


  • Janet W.

    This clothing is the cutest!! If I know of any new parents who have a preemie, I will definitely pass this brand name along!


  • courtney b

    wow super adorable, and your baby is cute so cute too! I have many kids but no preemie, I can only imagine how small they are!


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