do you babywear?

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I love babywearing. I can’t remember the first time I saw it or heard about it… I don’t think I did until I was pregnant! Ya know, back in the day before I knew anything and I thought the pouches sold at Babies R Us were so cool that I put them on my baby registry. Yea, those Infantino pouches that were recently recalled. I’ve learned and no, I don’t own any of those.

But we have nearly everything else! When Ryan was a newborn, he didn’t do so well with the babywearing. I’m not sure why because I see so many other infants just totally asleep all cute and cuddly in theirs. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t that comfortable–like I didn’t know what I was doing? Or I just didn’t try often enough? But eventually he (and I) got the hang of it. Our favorite was a ring sling because he liked to be all tucked in. Now? If I tried to tuck his legs in, he’d flip. He’d go stiff as a board and try to stand straight up in the sling. Haha. Stinker!

So now we love wraps. The Moby Wrap, Sweet Sugar Baby Wrap… Wallababy (solarweave for wearing in the water!)… also have the Rockin’ Baby Sling (and Pouch)… a Baby K’Tan (for Steve) and a Baby Bjorn. The Bjorn is Steve’s favorite (the easiest to put on? the least feminine? lol). But we recently learned that it’s known as a “crotch dangler” and can damage spinal development!!! Yikes! I knew there had to be a good reason all the crunchy mamas didn’t like it. So now we’re on a mission to find a different soft carrier style… suggestions? Like a mei tei? or Ergo?

Do you breastfeed while babywearing? I do sometimes. It’s great in a ring sling with the extra fabric hanging down that you can use to cover up. But I’m not quite used to breastfeeding in a wrap where you have to adjust his position–I’d have to re-wrap the whole thing. But it is comfortable once I get him there! And hands free!

What’s your favorite babywearing position? Favorite carrier? Who has attempted babywearing on their back? I’d love to try because I feel like it’d be easier to carry for longer time periods, but I’m nervous to attempt it! Do you breastfeed while babywearing?

See lots of babywearing photos on this week’s Wordless Wednesday 😉


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  • just sent you a slew of tweets. I tandem babywear in the catbirdbaby pikkolo. I wear my 4mo (14lbs) & 2yo (30lbs) at the same time. We are experienced back carrying & breastfeeding.


  • I have an Evenflo Snugli that I was using while we were camping, that was pretty good, but I LOVE pocket slings (i.e. Hot Slings, or the slings sold by Hot Mama Ink). They are sized, but totally worth it. I am buying a new sling from Hot Mama Ink with the next paycheck probably. They are on sale for $12-14.99 originally $65.


  • 1st off been awhile since I popped out of reader and actually came over. LOVE the new design!!

    We babywear all the time. I’m a wrapper at heart and definitely highly recommend woven wraps – especially for back carries. You don’t want to use a stretchy for a back carry (like the Moby) because the little one could lean way back and stretch the fabric enough to slide out. Anyway – enough lecture. Yes, there is a learning curve to back carries, but once you have it down it’s AWESOME. M and I do back carries all.the.time. Like as in – in the grocery store, at the house, on our morning walks, on trips into the post office, EVERYWHERE. We both know what we’re doing now so it’s super fast and easy to just toss him up there wrap wrap wrap and we’re done and good to go. He’s happy, and I barely feel his weight. If you want, I’d be happy to get a youtube video up for you that teaches you how to get your little man onto your back and show you a couple of my favorite carries. Ryan is absolutely old enough to do back carries 🙂

    As for nursing – we have the Ergo and I really liked nursing in it. The sleeping hood was a nice cover, but I will say you need to be… flexible??? Basically, my problem with the Ergo was that I literally had to pop my boob out the top of my shirt and lift it up to his mouth. When he was in the Moby I could just loosen the wrap a little bit (untie and retie without re-wrapping) and then pull him (and the fabric) away from my body. The pull away would make it so the loose part of the fabric was near him, and when I brought him back in to my body he’d be lower and right at boob height.

    I think that’s my best advice. We also really like our hotsling for quick on and off, or when there will be a lot of up and down now that he’s a walker. But hands down wraps paired with a back carry are my favorite.


  • I have a Beco and an Ergo and would recommend both of those VERY highly! I have a 2 year old and a 5month old and both work great for both of my kids, and both of the parents. My husbadn LOVES wearing our 2 year old on his back in the Beco… it’s VERY easy to do. I also LOVE my Hotslings Adjustable pouches… yes I have several! I have oen in the car, one of the diaper bag… Easy to pull out and throw on quickly for the baby!


  • Ashley

    I became so obessed with babywearing that I learned to sew my own Mei Tais!


  • Amy

    I have a met tai that I love, a Babyhawk. (I wrote about it in my post for the carnival today.) The padding is great but not too heavy, and it’s easy to tie on. I breastfed in it today for the first time by untying it in the front, shifting it off to the side a bit and re-tying it like that. Then I just lifted my breast to my son and kept on walking! Thanks for this post!


  • I absolutely LOVE to wear my son! He is so much happier being worn than being in his stroller. We have different carriers for different times… I love the Beco for when we’re taking long walks or I know he’s going to be worn for a longer period of time. Ring slings are great for short errands or to wear around the house. I have a water ring sling I use with him in the pool and shower! I just ordered a mei tai and I cannot wait to try a back carry! My partner used to love the Beco all the time, but he’s become hooked on slings too! He finds the pouch slings are best for him because he doesn’t have to worry about doing any adjusting.

    PS – LOVE your blog!


  • I love my Moby for running errands where I don’t necessarily want to take the stroller, being around the house and places where Trayton isn’t going in/out of it. For family gatherings or places where he is being removed more frequently I like my Sakura “Hana” sling. I have also found the Sakura more easy to nurse in because I just loosen the fabric a bit and have extra to hide my side-boob!


  • I LOVE my mei tais! I have like 5 of them! I have a kokopax carrier and it’s quickly become one of my new favs for Mason and I. It’s so easy to get him in and out of and it doesn’t hurt my back at all!


  • I’ve held my babies on my back with my Moby wrap. I needed help to put them in but I was able to tie it up myself. It was really comfy. The “straps” on the moby are so comfy!


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