Sleepy’s Grand Openings in Chicago (giveaway)

I previously wrote about how the mattress professionals were opening NEW Sleepy’s stores all over the Chicago area. Well, I just happened to be shopping in Algonquin with my mom so we headed 15 minutes north to check out the new Sleepy’s in Crystal Lake, IL!

It’s right on the corner and can’t be missed. It’s a nice little store FILLED with mattresses. We were greeted as we entered and mentioned we just wanted to look around. I stopped to see all these great pillow first and we quickly had tons of questions for Sleepy’s, haha. There were pillows designed for side sleepers and stomach sleepers and cooling pillows and… so much to choose from!

Then we moved on to the mattresses… my mom is looking for a new one. We just bought ours one year ago, but I learned some new things from Sleepy’s that makes me upset with our purchase (which was NOT from a Sleepy’s store, fyi).


I’m relaxing on an ahhhhh-mazing Temperpedic in the photo below. I wanted to fall asleep and never get up, haha. The back raises and lowers and so do the feet. Back pain? You need one of these to elevate your head! We lowered it flat to have our back stretch and then lifted it back up… wow, we could really feel the difference. It vibrates, too!

But what I learned… is that a more firm mattress doesn’t mean more support. Maybe everyone knows that? But when we bought our mattress a year ago, that is not what our salesperson told us. He had said – oh, bad back? You need this one that’s more firm! – And, what do you know, obviously more expensive. Boo. Sleepy’s told us that the way mattresses are now made, they all offer basically the same support and the amount of firmness or softness is just a matter of preference! Like if you’re a side sleeper, you’ll want something a little softer so your hips don’t get sore and you can lay in a straight alignment. So, yes, NOW I want a new mattress, lol.


I did a little shopping and our Sleepy’s employee helped me pick out mattress protectors. I have been meaning to buy these… forever. Especially with two little kids, our beds have been peed on and thrown up on (sorry for that visual, lol). They’re just something you don’t want to spend money on right?! But definitely a necessity to keep your mattress in great condition. I bought a king-size for our bed and a twin-size for our toddler’s bed! (Can you believe we went through potty training without a protector?! Eeek)


I was very pleased with our trip to Sleepy’s in Crystal Lake and with our super knowledgeable and friendly Sleepy’s mattress professional. They carry all top name mattresses and deliver to your door. My mom took down info for future purchasing 🙂 Are you nearby and want to shop in-store? Check out the new Chicago locations! They’re also all over the east coast and you can check them out online.


GIVEAWAY: there will be TWO lucky winners this time! The SECOND PLACE  winner will get a Soiree Latex Pillow, a Cooling Pad Pillow, a Sleepy’s Neck Pillow, and a Spa Gift Set (rv ~$200). The GRAND PRIZE winner will get all of the above PLUS a $100 Sleepy’s gift card (rv ~$300)! Gift card can only be used in the Chicago area stores. Please use the form below to enter–good luck! (US ONLY)


~I received a promotional item to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own!

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