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Have any old t-shirts that you never wear anymore, but can’t seem to part with because they’re too memorable?? I have a whole box (that hubby has been begging me to get rid of, ha)! Well, we found the perfect answer… we’ve been turning them into onesies for our baby!! Old high school and college shirts, concert tour tees, funny sayings, family reunions shirts… the list is endless! Want some of your own? We can make them for you! Here are some images:

We can also take custom orders for certain prints/colors. Let me know what you’re looking for (dogs, sports, striped, etc.) and I’ll see what I can find for you at the fabric store!

Long or short sleeve onesie gown–an adult medium is needed to guarantee a long-sleeve gown, size 0-6 months. We can work with a smaller shirt, but it may need to be short-sleeve or not fit as long (as it will most likely be shorter in length). Depending on shirt image location and size, some may be cut off. Price for 1 gown is $20. Second gown is discounted 20% and every gown after that gets another 5% off, so:

1 = $20 [wp_cart:One Onesie:price:20.00:end]
2 = $20 + $16 (20% off) = $36 [wp_cart:2 Onesies:price:36.00:end]
3 = $20 + $16 (20% off) + $15 (25% off) = $51 [wp_cart:3 Onesies:price:51.00:end]
4 = $65 [wp_cart:4 Onesies:price:65.00:end]
5 = $78 [wp_cart:5 Onesies:price:78.00:end]
Contact me for larger orders.


You ship your shirt(s) to me and return shipping will be free! With payment, please email me to give details (long or short sleeve preference; custom print preference) and to get my shipping address. Contact me with any questions! (erdickey at gmail dot com).

*Thanks to Kenny at for providing this picture of his adorable son, Miloh, wearing the Iron Maiden tee I made for him! See his review of the onesie here: Gear Thursday

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