babywearing in a sling!

I looove baby wearing and since having Rebecca, I love it even more. I have no idea how I’d get anything done or go out in public to run errands with my two children without baby wearing. I mean, Rebecca isn’t old enough to walk yet and she isn’t great at sitting yet (like in a shopping cart). And I must have my hands free for those times when my toddler decides to run off or go crazy, haha.

Ryan loved to be worn and he was content facing in. Rebecca, however, is a different child. She has to be fairly sleepy to be happy facing in while babywearing. Otherwise she needs to be OUT, facing the world! She is into everything!

That raised some problems for us because she can’t face out in our soft-structured carriers. I knew what I really wanted–what Rebecca would love–was a sling or a pouch. You can wear a baby in so many different positions, including facing out or on your hip kind of facing the side.

baby wearing

Introducing the newest baby carrier to my collection… the BabaSling by Joovy. I have the adorable daydream print and I love it! So does Rebecca 🙂 My favorite way to wear her at the moment is on my hip (the side saddle).  But check out all the ways you can baby wear with it:

baby wearing

We’re also fans of Little Joey and Koala Cuddle. There are so many amazing features of this sling–it is far better quality than others I have tried. It’s thick and durable and definitely sturdy. You can adjust the sling with two straps in the back… one strap adjusts the outer edge of the sling and the other strap adjusts the inner sling. That’s simply genius! Based on how you’re wearing your baby, you need the edges of the sling in different places to hold them close and tight. AND the straps have a little weighed end so they’re super easy to grab.

baby carrier

Then there’s a safety strap–another amazing idea. Basically, you leave this a little looser than the other straps. When you’re reading to remove the sling and take your baby out, you can easily unsnap the main buckle and you don’t risk the sling just falling away… the safety strap keeps it on, but lower/looser so that you can easily get your baby out!

baby wearing

And here are my favorite features: the shoulder is super padded, there’s a railing on the pouch, and the sling has a pocket. LOVE THIS THING!

baby wearing

Also, even when I wear Rebecca facing inward, which she usually doesn’t like, this BabaSling still allows her to see out. Some other carriers we’ve used go up too high and that might be why my baby girl doesn’t enjoy them as much. She wants to see everything! So this sling keeps her snuggled close, keeps her safe and comfy, and lets her see what’s going on.

This sling comes with a great instruction booklet on how to do the different carries, but there are also videos on their website you can watch. Practice makes perfect!

Joovy offers lots of great colors for this sling and also lite and organic options. The sling holds up to 33 pounds, is machine washable, and you can find where to buy one for yourself! The BabaSling I reviewed sells for $119.99. Don’t forget to show Joovy some love on twitter and facebook!

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