Jacob’s 1st Birthday: Viking Party

My baby is ONE?! But I just had him! I tell ya, that cliche “time flies” doesn’t change by the 3rd kid. In fact, time flies even faster. What a blur. In true Norwegian fashion, we went with a themed Viking party for the little man. It was a lot of fun to put together!

viking bday party

How cute is this cake?! Jacob’s little smash cake is sitting on top and looks just like a Viking helmet. I know, I know, REAL Vikings didn’t actually have horns on their helmets, but… it’s cute that way. I ordered birthday party invites, a banner, and toppers from this shop on Etsy.

viking party

I made the table look like a Viking ship. After googling images of examples, I drew the head and tail on big pieces of cardboard from a large box I saved and cut them out with an x-acto knife. I did simple round shields on the front. You could even paint them!

Now for the Viking Party Food!

viking party food

Just some good, hearty meat for a Viking warrior! These skewers were easy, just some turkey or roast beef with salami and cheese! These went fast! For the food signs, I just cut out blue construction paper and wrote on them myself. I did buy Viking themed washi tape to put along the bottom from this etsy shop.

dragon eggs viking food

What?! Dragons aren’t real?!?!!? But they’re fun for the kids and make for better Viking stories 😉 Plus, who doesn’t love some deviled eggs! YUM!

viking shields party food

I got these cute little snack containers from Party City. They’re filled with potato chips to make Viking Shields! We also served the traditional Norwegian food lefse.

viking party decor

I searched for Viking quotes and images, found a few to print, and framed them. I love the one above and another that was on the food table that says, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Viking. Then always be a Viking.” OF COURSE!

viking 1st birthday

We’ve taken monthly photos of Jacob in that blue Pottery Barn chair, just like we did for his older brother and sister. His “ONE” Viking themed shirt came from this Etsy shop. Now, CAKE TIME!

viking cake smash

We slid the top piece of the cake off for Jacob and the rest of the party was served the large bottom of the cake. I’d say Jacob had fun 😉 Very little of that cake actually went into his mouth, haha. It was a DELICIOUS dairy-free and gluten-free cake from My Sweets.

viking 1st birthday party

Happy Birthday, little Viking!

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