Our homebirth VBAC story

I’d been having “prodromal” labor for a couple weeks. I hate to call it that, but they were stronger than my normal braxton-hicks that I’d been having for months and they were consistently 1-1.5 minutes in length and 5-minutes apart for hours at a time. There were three specific times that I surely thought I was in labor! But every time, the contractions died down and stopped… usually after a sleepless night. I was frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. Contractions are hard work! And I wasn’t used to daily workouts, haha.

I remember waking up

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postpartum feelings: a c-section to VBAC comparison

The differences postpartum between my first birth and my second are like night and day. Completely different experiences, mindsets, and feelings. I don’t even know where to start…

After Ryan was born, I was depressed. It was absolutely beyond the baby blues and although I was never diagnosed with PPD, I believe that is what I had. PPD manifests in different ways for different people. I wasn’t angry and I didn’t hate my child…. I was a zombie. There were just simply no emotions at all. Of course I spent lots of time crying,

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essential oils: aromatherapy for labor

One thought that kept repeating through my head while I was in labor: “wow, you just don’t get this type of special treatment in a hospital.” I mean, I was pampered. I ate well, my feet were rubbed, my hair was brushed, the supply of water and juice was never-ending, my shoulders were massaged, I got plenty of warm showers and baths…. it was amazing. Okay, apart from the pain of labor lol, it was amazing.

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Our birth story… on hold

Hi everyone! Most of you know that baby Rebecca has arrived (YAY!) and we are all healthy and safe and happy. I appreciate all the love, well wishes, and support over the past few days–it really means a lot.

I wish so very much that I could share more with you. If you’ve been following this online the past few days, you know what’s been going on.

Our lawyer and organizations have advised us to remove current posts about the birth and baby and to not post new information at this time…. the reason

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Our cost of having a homebirth

Last August I posted about costs of a homebirth, but it was still pretty early on in our pregnancy so I used estimates. Now that we’re ready to go any day now (baby, where are you?!), I thought I’d update the prices for those of you curious about paying for a homebirth with a midwife.

photo from cafepress.com

Please keep in mind that costs will vary greatly. It can depend on your location–some midwives charge much more, some charge much less. It can depend on what

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Homebirth guest post

**Jennifer is a lovely woman I met online. She was reading my blog and saw my lists of things we still needed for our homebirth… she had some items leftover from her own homebirths and she very kindly and generously sent them to me. I appreciate it SO MUCH! I asked her if she’d type up a guest post about her homebirth so I could share it with all of you. Please say hi and show Jennifer some love! If you have ANY questions for her, feel free to leave them in the comments

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the baby bucket list

I’ve got 5 weeks left. Just over a month. That’s 5 weekends to get things done with my husband, since weekdays are spent with Ryan while the hubby is at work. FIVE. I need to plan well. Lately, it’s all I think about. I might drive myself crazy first…. I make list after list, losing every one or changing the order or adding more things.

Well, I’m writing this blog post for me–to keep track of what I want to do or need to do–a list I won’t lose and a list

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